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  1. Sure, but someone needs to make the normalmaps, materials etc.
  2. It's hard not to cut things when you're just that edgy. Pissing on walls guys, next gen edgy. But hey when they release Tn1ef 2 not the metal age, they're gonna have to have find something more new and even more edgy, maybe they can move away from the traditional goto 'rich guys making the plebs sick', and go for the totally new 'war is hell'. That way they can just read directly from all of the recent and terrible CoD crap book. All those tricky moral dilemmas, real depth man. Maybe they can start work on the trailers now, using the upcoming love interest. "I know these crooked roads, these back alleys, the gutters of running filth... because I've shat in my fair share of them." But hey, at least they finally came to their senses and stopped releasing more media of this nightmare for everyone to mock time and time again. If they have learned something; it's that feeding a fire lovely dumb logs is a bad idea.
  3. Pretty sure I disabled that (Or try the windows key?), but I always play in borderless windows anyway
  4. Surely you could just open the console and alt+tab out?
  5. Serpentine

    Windows 8.1

    Errr, you should always reinstall drivers after windows 'upgrades'.
  6. Rather open the console with ctrl + alt + ~ and type in 'image_useNormalCompression 0' then close the console with the same combination and start the mission. Can't think of much else happening after the map load that takes up so much time. But your timing is consistent with texture load issues.
  7. The slow load time is caused by the textures being compressed on-load. You can disable that with errr image_useNormalCompression 0 Sometimes you get pretty dramatic slowdowns as you cross into a new area. If you stand perfectly on the edge of the portal it can drop your fps to the 1-5 area, but it's fairly rare that people get it so exact (this is not a bug/problem to solve, either). So it seems a little bit odd, perhaps related to an overlay or something running on your system?
  8. Testing TDM + Intel gfx on my home server, poor lil Celeron fella.

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    2. nbohr1more


      I've got an i3 sandy bridge. It is actually out-performing my old HD4650. But that's obviously due to the CPU bottleneck fr the old P4. Can't speak to the performance on Linux though.

    3. lost_soul


      When I ran TDM on a Vista-era celeron with Intel GPU, it ran fine... I mean it looked fine. The frame rate was slower than a slide show, but all effects/shadows were fine.

    4. nbohr1more


      i3 2130 is what I've got... Hope to get a real GPU soonish...

  9. If only games had a 'Direct to DVD' analogue... oh wait, Day 0 Hardware Bundle
  10. Not embarrassing at all; It still takes me a good while to figure out I've forgotten a filter on between sessions Ok, maybe it's just us...
  11. Do you happen to have the caulk filter enabled? Or any filter which might be hiding the surface
  12. Very interesting, I have thought there was a problem with the downsize/compress stuff for a long time, this gives me a very good idea of where to look. Thank you
  13. I guess, once again : I am only a bad generic programmer, graphics are something I really don't find interesting and as such I have no real understanding of code-wise, so if I can read and understand sections I'll try merge, but I wont be going out of my way to look for stuff, there's a massive list of better things to throw time at.
  14. Who needs mines when you have banana peels and whiffle bats.
  15. As per usual, when my ADD meds run out, I vanish from TDM. I swear my doc must take at least 25% of the year off, and since its S6 stuff they cant be written up by another doc Usually try pre-date them, but... still manage to screw up once or twice a year. I digress. I got back to my porting work: I am running without direct rendering (testing the new AMD KMS stuff), so I tried with llvmpipe, that said need to figure out what's going on with my libdxt. So no screenshot for now As you can see, AMD64, OpenAL-Soft, SDL. Will be in a branch soon as I know it runs maps and all that good stuff. Also need to backport a month or two worth of patches.
  16. I want to look at this stuff once things are more stable. I've got a really nice offer from Jaeye in irc to maybe take a look over the OpenGL code. Sikk's stuff is impressive and really, I like it - but there is a certain hackish nature to most of it (I know, some irony here, I am very hacky ). I want things that are going to work correctly and not destroy performance. Not 'but people with fancy cards', we need to move the baseline up before we get bogged down
  17. I've added both to waffles.za.net, if the as in http://waffles.za.net/tdm/darkmodredist/fms/samhain.pk4 If BD feels like adding those
  18. You also need to change the interaction shader scale, just a reminder
  19. Still, its strange that you are hitting the problem all the time, very odd.
  20. A lot of it is fixed up by the stuff I am going to be working on... just got delayed by two weeks; Engine diffs are nearly ready then I'll start putting it into a branch in the repo. My notes for the Windows build are really old, I will be doing more when I start testing there again
  21. The graphics driver doesn't seem to be providing all of the required extensions. Which is very odd, however it might be that the Win 8+ drivers do not allow the vendor extensions or something, I know Intel are very keen to only support the official ARB list... Other than wild guesswork, we just haven't really had this on a Windows box before. At best all I can say is that make sure you're running the latest Intel driver, directly from Intel (not from Windows update).
  22. Did you compile your own version or anything? The whole allocation thing can get a bit tricky as there are a few incorrect sizeof() uses in the mod code(I recall, I dont have my analysis on hand), but most of the time they match up accidentally. If you did happen to compile your own, it would be interesting to see if there were any related warnings in the build log.
  23. Yup, if they are light enough. Edit: Just be careful with planks, I seem to remember that they wobble from end to end sometimes, causing excessive splashing.
  24. Built in where? Each OS handles crypto very differently, and avoiding shells - pretty annoying. Alternative is to use OpenSSL, but that's just overkill. There are a few reasonably good, 1/2 file implementations floating around, which would be far easier and portable. And no, no MD5/TTH.
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