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Only upper left part of title screen shown


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Hi there!


I bought a new PC (my old one was from 2001, so there's a lot of new stuff for me now ^^) and just installed TDM, but after starting it the title screen won't show properly. The upper left part of it takes up the whole screen, leaving only the first letters of some of the menu entries on the far right side. I guess this is a resolution problem, but I can't fix it. I already checked the graphic card drivers, tried other Windows resolution (can't change them ingame because I can't see the options menu) and tested various compability modes. The title screen stayed the same. Anyone got an idea what I'm doing wrong?


Some system informations:

Windows 7 Home 64bit

AMD 8x4000

Graphic card: Radeon HD 3000

Connected to TV with HDMI-cable

Resolution is set at 1920x1080

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Then perhaps create a fresh one just with the lines Stump provided above?


Just as a text document? (ending .txt)



Okay, I just created a CFG file with only the content mentioned above. After starting the game and leaving again, the file was filled. I tried a few things out, but nothing really worked.

At the moment the cfg file looks like that:




bind "ENTER" "_impulse51"

bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu"

bind "SPACE" "_moveup"

bind "-" "_impulse50"

bind "0" "_impulse10"

bind "1" "_impulse1"

bind "2" "_impulse2"

bind "3" "_impulse3"

bind "4" "_impulse4"

bind "5" "_impulse5"

bind "6" "_impulse6"

bind "7" "_impulse7"

bind "8" "_impulse8"

bind "9" "_impulse9"

bind "=" "_impulse49"

bind "[" "_impulse48"

bind "\" "_mlook"

bind "]" "_impulse47"

bind "^" "_impulse0"

bind "a" "_moveleft"

bind "c" "_impulse24"

bind "d" "_moveright"

bind "e" "_impulse46"

bind "f" "_impulse44"

bind "g" "inventory_use '#str_02396'"

bind "i" "inventory_cycle_group '#str_02391'"

bind "k" "inventory_cycle_group '#str_02392'"

bind "l" "inventory_use '#str_02395'"

bind "m" "inventory_cycle_maps"

bind "o" "_impulse19"

bind "p" "inventory_cycle_group '#str_02389'"

bind "q" "_impulse45"

bind "r" "_impulse52"

bind "s" "_back"

bind "u" "_impulse51"

bind "v" "inventory_hotkey '#str_02397'"

bind "w" "_forward"

bind "x" "_impulse23"

bind "y" "clientMessageMode 1"

bind "z" "_zoom"

bind "BACKSPACE" "inventory_hotkey"

bind "PAUSE" "pause"

bind "UPARROW" "_forward"

bind "DOWNARROW" "_back"

bind "LEFTARROW" "_left"

bind "RIGHTARROW" "_right"

bind "ALT" "_strafe"

bind "CTRL" "_button5"

bind "SHIFT" "_speed"

bind "DEL" "_lookdown"

bind "PGDN" "_lookup"

bind "END" "_impulse18"

bind "F3" "_impulse17"

bind "F4" "savegame quick"

bind "F5" "loadgame"

bind "F6" "_impulse20"

bind "F7" "_impulse22"

bind "F9" "loadgame quick"

bind "F12" "screenshot"

bind "MOUSE1" "_attack"

bind "MOUSE2" "_impulse41"

bind "MOUSE3" "_zoom"

bind "MWHEELDOWN" "_impulse14"

bind "MWHEELUP" "_impulse15"

seta gui_mediumFontLimit "0.30"

seta gui_smallFontLimit "0.15"

seta radiant_entityMode "0"

seta net_socksPassword ""

seta net_socksUsername ""

seta net_socksPort "1080"

seta net_socksServer ""

seta net_socksEnabled "0"

seta win_ypos "0"

seta win_xpos "0"

seta sys_lang "german"

seta s_decompressionLimit "6"

seta s_useEAXReverb "0"

seta s_useOpenAL "0"

seta s_libOpenAL "openal32.dll"

seta s_numberOfSpeakers "2"

seta s_doorDistanceAdd "450"

seta s_globalFraction "0.8"

seta s_subFraction "0.75"

seta s_playDefaultSound "1"

seta s_volume_dB "0"

seta s_meterTopTime "2000"

seta s_reverse "0"

seta s_spatializationDecay "2"

seta s_maxSoundsPerShader "0"

seta r_screenshot_format "jpg"

seta r_debugArrowStep "120"

seta r_debugLineWidth "1"

seta r_debugLineDepthTest "0"

seta r_cgFragmentProfile "best"

seta r_cgVertexProfile "best"

seta r_forceLoadImages "0"

seta r_shadows "1"

seta r_skipBump "0"

seta r_skipSpecular "0"

seta r_skipNewAmbient "0"

seta r_renderer "best"

seta r_brightness "1"

seta r_gamma "1"

seta r_swapInterval "0"

seta r_useIndexBuffers "1"

seta r_customHeight "600"

seta r_customWidth "1024"

seta r_mode "-1"

seta r_fullscreen "1"

seta r_mode "3"

seta r_multiSamples "2"

seta image_downSizeLimit "256"

seta image_ignoreHighQuality "0"

seta image_downSizeBumpLimit "128"

seta image_downSizeSpecularLimit "64"

seta image_downSizeBump "0"

seta image_downSizeSpecular "0"

seta image_useCache "0"

seta image_cacheMegs "20"

seta image_cacheMinK "200"

seta image_usePrecompressedTextures "1"

seta image_useNormalCompression "2"

seta image_useAllFormats "1"

seta image_useCompression "1"

seta image_preload "1"

seta image_roundDown "1"

seta image_forceDownSize "0"

seta image_downSize "0"

seta image_lodbias "0"

seta image_anisotropy "1"

seta image_filter "GL_LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR"

seta gui_filter_game "0"

seta gui_filter_idle "0"

seta gui_filter_gameType "0"

seta gui_filter_players "0"

seta gui_filter_password "0"

seta net_clientDownload "1"

seta net_master4 ""

seta net_master3 ""

seta net_master2 ""

seta net_master1 ""

seta net_clientMaxRate "16000"

seta net_serverMaxClientRate "16000"

seta m_strafeSmooth "4"

seta m_smooth "1"

seta m_strafeScale "6.25"

seta m_yaw "0.022"

seta m_pitch "0.022"

seta sensitivity "5"

seta in_toggleZoom "0"

seta in_toggleCrouch "0"

seta in_toggleRun "0"

seta in_alwaysRun "0"

seta in_freeLook "1"

seta in_anglespeedkey "1.5"

seta in_pitchspeed "140"

seta in_yawspeed "140"

seta gui_configServerRate "0"

seta com_guid ""

seta com_preloadDemos "0"

seta com_compressDemos "1"

seta com_product_lang_ext "1"

seta com_videoRam "128"

seta com_showFPS "0"

seta com_purgeAll "0"

seta com_machineSpec "-1"

seta r_aspectratio "4"

seta g_spectatorChat "0"

seta net_clientLagOMeter "1"

seta r_postprocess_bloomKernelSize "2"

seta r_postprocess_bloomIntensity "0"

seta r_postprocess "0"

seta net_serverDlTable ""

seta net_serverDlBaseURL ""

seta net_serverDownload "0"

seta mod_validSkins "skins/characters/player/marine_mp;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_green;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_blue;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_red;skins/characters/player/marine_mp_yellow"

seta g_mapCycle "mapcycle"

seta g_voteFlags "0"

seta g_gameReviewPause "10"

seta g_countDown "10"

seta g_password ""

seta g_testModelHeadJoint "Spine2"

seta g_testModelHead "atdm:ai_head_citywatch"

seta g_showBrass "1"

seta g_showProjectilePct "0"

seta g_showHud "1"

seta g_showPlayerShadow "0"

seta pm_walkspeed "70"

seta g_showcamerainfo "0"

seta g_damageScale "1"

seta g_decals "1"

seta g_doubleVision "1"

seta g_bloodEffects "1"

seta g_projectileLights "1"

seta g_muzzleFlash "1"

seta gui_CenterY "0.5"

seta gui_CenterX "0.5"

seta gui_Height "1.0"

seta gui_Width "1.0"

seta r_fovRatio "0"

seta ui_showGun "1"

seta ui_autoSwitch "1"

seta ui_team "Red"

seta ui_skin "skins/characters/player/marine_mp"

seta ui_name "Player"

seta si_serverURL ""

seta si_spectators "1"

seta si_usePass "0"

seta si_warmup "0"

seta si_teamDamage "0"

seta si_timeLimit "10"

seta si_fragLimit "10"

seta si_maxPlayers "4"

seta si_map "game/mp/d3dm1"

seta si_gameType "singleplayer"

seta si_name "DOOM Server"

seta tdm_lod_bias "1.0"

seta tdm_voice_from_off_volume "0"

seta tdm_voice_player_volume "0"

seta tdm_music_volume "0"

seta tdm_ambient_method "0"

seta tdm_door_auto_open_on_unlock "1"

seta tdm_bow_aimer "0"

seta tdm_lp_debug_hud "0"

seta tdm_lp_pawlow "0"

seta tdm_lp_randomize "1"

seta tdm_lp_auto_pick "0"

seta tdm_lp_autopick_attempts "3"

seta tdm_lp_pick_timeout "500"

seta tdm_lp_sample_delay "10"

seta tdm_lp_base_count "5"

seta tdm_empty_model "models/darkmod/misc/system/empty.lwo"

seta tdm_lg_split "0"

seta tdm_lg_model "models/darkmod/misc/system/lightgem.lwo"

seta tdm_lg_weak "0"

seta tdm_lg_interleave "1"

seta pm_rope_snd_rep_dist "32"

seta pm_min_stepsound_interval "200"

seta pm_stepvol_crouch_creep "-7"

seta pm_stepvol_crouch_run "4"

seta pm_stepvol_crouch_walk "-2"

seta pm_stepvol_creep "-5"

seta pm_stepvol_run "8"

seta pm_stepvol_walk "0"

seta tdm_underwater_blur "3"

seta tdm_rope_pull_force_factor "140"

seta tdm_inv_use_visual_feedback "1"

seta tdm_door_control "0"

seta tdm_inv_use_on_frob "1"

seta tdm_inv_loot_sound "frob_loot"

seta tdm_inv_hud_pickupmessages "1"

seta tdm_hud_hide_lightgem "0"

seta tdm_hud_opacity "0.7"

seta tdm_grabber_reverse_control "0"

seta tdm_bounce_sound_min_vel "80"

seta tdm_bounce_sound_max_vel "400"

seta tdm_throw_max_vel "900"

seta tdm_throw_time "1200"

seta tdm_throw_max "3500"

seta tdm_throw_min "600"

seta tdm_phys_show_momentum "0"

seta tdm_ai_vision_hardcore "1.5"

seta tdm_ai_vision_challenging "1.2"

seta tdm_ai_vision_forgiving "0.6"

seta tdm_ai_vision_nearly_blind "0.2"

seta tdm_ai_vision "1"

seta tdm_melee_difficulty "normal"

seta tdm_melee_max_particles "10"

seta tdm_melee_forbid_auto_parry "0"

seta tdm_melee_auto_parry "0"

seta tdm_melee_invert_parry "0"

seta tdm_melee_invert_attack "0"

seta tdm_melee_mouse_thresh_ "0"

seta tdm_dragged_item_highlight "1"

seta tdm_drag_encumber_max "0.4"

seta tdm_drag_encumber_maxmass "55"

seta tdm_drag_encumber_minmass "10"

seta tdm_drag_jump_masslimit "20"

seta tdm_drag_af_free "0"

seta tdm_drag_af_ground_timer "800"

seta tdm_drag_damping_af "0.4"

seta tdm_drag_damping "0.0"

seta tdm_drag_stuck_dist "38.0"

seta tdm_drag_force_max "100000"

seta tdm_drag_limit_force "1"

seta tdm_collision_damage_scale_horiz "0.5"

seta tdm_collision_damage_scale_vert "1"

seta tdm_frob_fadetime "100"

seta tdm_frob_width "10.0"

seta tdm_frob_distance_default "63"

seta pm_lean_toggle "0"

seta pm_lean_door_bounds_exp "8.0"

seta pm_lean_door_max "40"

seta pm_lean_door_increments "10"

seta pm_lean_to_valid_increments "25"

seta pm_lean_forward_stretch "15"

seta pm_lean_forward_height "0.4"

seta pm_lean_forward_time "400.0"

seta pm_lean_forward_angle "2"

seta pm_lean_stretch "2"

seta pm_lean_height "0.4"

seta pm_lean_time "400.0"

seta pm_lean_angle "15.0"

seta tdm_reattach_delay "100"

seta tdm_crouch_toggle_hold_time "400"

seta tdm_toggle_crouch "1"

seta tdm_footfall_sounds_movetype_specific "1"

seta pm_mantle_minflatness "0.707"

seta pm_mantle_height "0.2"

seta pm_mantle_reach "0.5"

seta pm_weightmod "1"

seta pm_push_max_mass "200"

seta pm_push_heavy_threshold "0.15"

seta pm_push_accel_time "1000"

seta pm_push_start_delay "1000"

seta pm_push_maximpulse "300"

seta pm_pushmod "0.15"

seta pm_max_swimspeed_mod "1.4"

seta pm_crouchmod "0.54"

seta pm_creepmod "0.44"

seta pm_runmod "2.12"

seta tdm_savegame_compress "1"

seta tdm_force_savegame_load "0"

seta tdm_mainmenu_confirmquit "1"

seta tdm_debug_aastype "aas32"

seta tdm_allow_http_access "1"

seta tdm_proxy_pass ""

seta tdm_proxy_user ""

seta tdm_proxy ""

seta tdm_fm_restart_delay "0"

seta tdm_default_relations_def "atdm:team_relations_default"

seta tdm_show_trainer_messages "1"

seta tdm_menu_music "1"

seta tdm_wideScreenMode "0"

seta tdm_interaction_vfp_type "1"

seta tdm_ai_show_aasfuncobstacle_state "0"

seta tdm_show_health "0"

seta tdm_ai_debug_greetings "0"

seta tdm_ai_debug_transition_barks "0"

seta tdm_ai_opt_update_enemypos_interleave "48"

seta tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkframes "0"

seta tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkskipPVS "0"

seta tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkmaxdist "0"

seta tdm_ai_opt_interleavethinkmindist "0"

seta tdm_ai_visdist_show "0.0"

seta tdm_ai_search_show "0.0"

seta tdm_showko "0"

seta tdm_showsprop_radius "0"

seta tdm_showsprop "0"

seta tdm_spr_debug "0"

seta tdm_sndprop_disable "0"

seta tdm_ai_acuity_susp "1.2"

seta tdm_ai_acuity_L5 "1.5"

seta tdm_ai_acuity_L4 "1.3"

seta tdm_ai_acuity_L3 "1.1"

seta tdm_ai_show_conversationstate "0"

seta tdm_ai_show_enemy_visibility "0"

seta tdm_ai_sight_scale "1000.0"

seta tdm_ai_sight_thresh "1.0"

seta tdm_ai_showelevator "0"

seta tdm_ai_showdoor "0"

seta tdm_ai_debug_blocked "0"

seta tdm_ai_showAASarea "0"

seta tdm_ai_showgoalpos "0"

seta tdm_ai_showdest "0"

seta tdm_ai_showalert "0"

seta tdm_ai_showtasks "0"

seta tdm_ai_showanimstate "0"

seta tdm_ai_showko "0"

seta tdm_ai_showfov "0"

seta tdm_ai_debug "0"

seta tdm_ai_bumpobject_impulse "250"

seta tdm_ai_tact "20.0"

seta tdm_ai_sight_combat_cutoff "20.0"

seta tdm_ai_sightmin "15.0"

seta tdm_ai_sightmax "40.0"

seta tdm_ai_sight_mag "1.0"

seta tdm_ai_sight_prob "0.7"

seta tdm_ai_showbark "0"

seta tdm_ai_sndvol "0.0"

seta tdm_player_wait_until_ready "1"

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seta r_customHeight "600"
seta r_customWidth "1024"

Looks like TDM is popping you back to 1024x600 mode :(

Not sure what to suggest, but double-check if your monitor is an 16x9 or 16x10 scale monitor and set the aspect ratio accordingly in TDM, then choose your appropriate 1920x resolution. What I mean is, should your monitor be at 1920x1080 (16x9) or 1920x1200 (16x10)?

System: Mageia Linux Cauldron, aka Mageia 8

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The fact that it didn't automatically create the Darkmod.cfg file is a bit strange. Is there a "config.spec" file?


Where is Darkmod currently installed? Stab in the dark here (don't even), but if it is in Program Files, you might run into issues with Windows UAC or whatever it was that causes issues with applications creating files directly to their application directory. If this is the case, maybe try moving it to something like C:\games\darkmod

I am the bat. The night is mine.

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Okay, I just found out what the problem was:

Right after the installation of Windows I changed the readability to 150% (at highest resolution it was pretty hard to read anything at the standard setting). Since I changed so many settings after that (common when you set up a new pc) I didn't think of that anymore. Eventually I got back to that setting by accident and tried out the standard settings just to be sure. Suddenly the title screen of TDM was okay.

When changing it to 150% at the very beginning I didn't realize it could affect anything beside the readables.


Thanks anyways. At least I got my cfg file with your help :)

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