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Thief 4 benchmark Results:


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I did the trick with the 32bit exe, too. It really helps.


My rig (please don't laugh):


Core2Duo E6400 @ 3.15GHz

8GB 800MHZ Corsair RAM

SSD (this really helps loading times in comparison to a hdd)

ATI Radeon HD5770 (512MB VRAM IIRC)


I use a resolution of 1280x1024 and have everything else set to minimum or disabled (surprisingly the game still looks quite good on that settings).


The benchmark gives me something like:

4/11/30 FPS (MIN/AVG/MAX).


However, in game it runs fluidly almost all the time (I did not test it but I guess I get 30-40FPS). The initial loading time is roughly 10 seconds. Loading another mission or a different section in the hub takes 2-3 seconds. So it runs even on pretty old machines it seems.

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My wiki articles: Obstipedia

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I mentioned this in the other thread but just in case I'll mention it here.


Disabling Vsync gives me much better/smoother framerate and I haven't noticed any tearing.


Double/Triple buffering cause a lot of frame lag for me for some reason. Frequently it feels like its 10-15fps with Vsync on when turning quickly or sprinting.

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The x64 bit exe is fubared and regarding the 0 min fps with the x86 exe that is indeed weird. Are you useing the latest catalyst version..?


I use 13.12. Don't know if there's already a newer version released. By the way, my i5 is a quad core CPU. I try the various vsync settings.

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i5 is a dual core hyper threaded so there are only 2 physical cores. Windows task manager shows 4 because the "hyper threading" adds 1 to each but they're only to increase pipeline efficiency.


EDIT: This used to be the case but apparently there are now i5 chips with 4 physical cores. Aparently I haven't kept up with the times.

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My system:


i5-2500, 8 G RAM

Radeon HD7870

Win 7, 64-bit


My settings:


Exclusive fullscreen

Resolution 1360 x 768 (my 50" TV)

Texture filtering 16x AF

Vsync off

FXAA off

SSAA off


My results with the in-game benchmark:


64-bit (min/avg/max): 38/62/98

force 32-bit: 28/60/104

64-bit + SSAA = low: 38/60/82




I was surprised that 32-bit did not seem any better than 64. As for the SSAA, I sort of expected it to be an FPS-killer. But for my money I do not think I need either the in-game SSAA or even the FXAA, I figure my video card has better antialiasing algorithms. I used the following settings in Cat Control Center:


Enhance application settings

Edge-detect filter

Adaptive multisampling

Morphological filtering

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@Bikerdude -- You find the experience smoother with Vsync off as well? I mean since your numbers are identicle. Makes a huge difference here. Choppy mess with it on.

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@Lux, less stutter at game start and better fps in the benchmark.


Did a benchmark with the latest version (1.2 b4116.4) of the 64bit exe and it seems they have fixed the huge slow down issue.


Results - 64bit


Min Fps: 32

Max Fps: 92

Avg Fps: 63

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Yeah, was looking at that patch and they didn't fix much in it but its good they at least addressed some of the performance issues people are having. Seems there are still many people with crashing and other problems though.

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Updated my original post.


Its very interesting the in-game benchmark. Its considerably lower than anything I've seen throughout the entire game.


Thief Benchmark Results


Min FPS: 23.1

Max FPS: 59.4

Avg FPS: 43.9



FRAPS actual gameplay benchmark Results


Min FPS: 51

Max FPS: 65

Avg FPS: 60.39



I've never see the frame rate in FRAPS go below 50 ever while actually playing the game.


I think the made the benchmark for graphic nuts and people that like to post highest numbers with beefy SLi systems for Heaven Bench and the like. The game performs nothing like their benchmark would indicate.

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MY PC DO 33 FPS in THIEF 4 Benchmark test. if i did nothing to it, it was 15 FPS, maybe you could make your Thief4 faster.

I have been testing a lot of config before this and this was the most stable non visual change setting.


Find file "BaseEngine.ini" file and edit the following lines. (Mine was found in e:\StreamApps\common\Thief\Engine\Config\BaseEngine.ini)

LINE TO BE CHANGED > TO ; SPEED UP GAMEPLAY TIP WITH NO VISUAL CHANGE. > Set BaseEngine.ini to "Read-Only" after changed it.

MotionBlur=True > MotionBlur=False ; Verified OK Disable motion blur

MotionBlurPause=True > MotionBlurPause=False ; Verified OK

AllowRadialBlur=True > AllowRadialBlur=False ; Verified OK Adds shadows on existing objects

Bloom=True > Bloom=False ; Verified OK

UseHighQualityBloom=True > UseHighQualityBloom=False ; Verified OK


There is one thing more. When you start THIEF 4 a Menu shows up, select OPTIONS right away and mark/use/tick "32-bit" mode.

Then you are ready to start the game itself.

I use resolution 1280x720, Tripple buffer, "Exclusive fullscreen", "Fullscreen", Preset "Very low".


I was not able to add this to http://forums.thedar...4-tweaks-fixes/ it was locked.

I maked the account yesterday.


I just have to give you this advice because it seems like the game really start to get speedy.


My PC/MACHINE is an not the fastest, I buyed it 2008

2x2.2GHZ Intel Processor

4GB ram(800Mhz)

ASUS Nvidia Geforce GTX 750 Ti (the graphics without the 6 pin powersupply) very new graphics and QUIET card, Settings to Performance.

Windows8.1 64-bit SSD


When first running the THIEF 4 at the start I got 15 FPS maximum in Benchmark in thief4. (What the hell Tom raider & GRID2 = 60FPS)

Changed everything in Nividia controlpanel global settings to

"Primary screen"


Performance mode.

No "Make it more quality" settings.

Then i got 25FPS maximum.


And after "BaseEngine.ini" was changed saved and "write-protected".

And before game start in options "32bit-mode" selected.

I finally got 33fps with is pretty much better.

I hope i help someone make thief4 playable.


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This is the third time you've posted this. Enough already.


If you have any Thief-4 related information you'd like to post, PM it to me. Thief 4 posts are locked until March 19th.

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  • 2 weeks later...

With the latest 1.3 patch


Min 25.1

Average 47.3 --up about 5 fps so around 10% improvement here while running the benchmark at least. Nixxes has done a good job here.

Max 57.7


Also in 1.3 patch, for Nvidia surround users (possibly Eyefinity users) the menu button placement issue has been addressed. You can now click where you'd expect to click for all menu buttons while running triple monitor.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Installing the latest (1.4) patch increased my avg fps for the in-game benchmark from 63 to 67. Maybe EM actually did something right.


I also installed the AMD 14.3 beta drivers (I was using 13.12 before) and it raised my fps from 67 to 71. Maybe AMD actually did something right.

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