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New mission: Lockner Manor


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Thanks for your comments. :D

It was my first stab at DR, going by Fidcal's instructions and the Wiki only. This is a lot different than Dromed. Actually I think Dromed was easier.

I know nothing of coding, modeling or anything of that nature; so what you see is stock. Hopefully my next one is better. If not; I'll just quietly retire. :ph34r:

Quando omni flunkus moritati" ("When all else fails, play dead")

Halloween Contest Winner 2014

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This is my first TDM mission, and I enjoyed working on it. It is a simple get in, get out, and take whatever comes up along the way mission. I hope you enjoy it.   You are Master Thief Corso. Your bud

Lockner... couldn't help but to think Loc Nar Will play it tonight.

It was a bangin' map, don't you dare!

Posted Images

@ Airship Ballet

Thanks for the support. I love the map creation; but I suck at storytelling. :unsure:

The plot, well, it always seems good at the beginning, and then. Well, you'll have to tell me if this next one is any better. Hope so.



Isn't that Mrs. Adams? I like it! :D

Quando omni flunkus moritati" ("When all else fails, play dead")

Halloween Contest Winner 2014

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Posted Yesterday, 12:09 PM Airship Ballet said

Addams-Hall? Is that double-barreled?



I don't know what you mean, but it was a shot from an episode. :P

Quando omni flunkus moritati" ("When all else fails, play dead")

Halloween Contest Winner 2014

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Finished this one tonight in a little over an hour of real time, 54 minutes ingame time. I will echo the general sentiment that the sense of scale in the manor is off. I'd explored all the rooms before going down the big staircase, to find nothing much. I was anticipating much more content that clearly wasn't there.


Solid mission overall, had a lot of fun. :)

You can call me Phi, Numbers, Digits, Ratio, 16, 1618, or whatever really, as long as it's not Phil.

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I am nearly finished with this mission on the highest difficulty. Compared to your newer mission, Briarwood Cathedral, which I found frustrating by the end and not finished yet, I really, really, really enjoyed this mission. :smile: It has some good variety, a good portrayal of a small chunk of the city, lots of fine little details. And it was just... fun.


I agree with some of the mansion criticisms, but I found the place interesting and the interiors felt appropriate to me. I haven't played much TDM FMs where you can switch the lights on/off, so seeing this as an available option was a pleasant treat. I often dislike hunting for secrets, but finding the secret switch was fun and fairly straightforward this time around. :smile: And unlike others, I didn't mind the glass lampshades projecting patterns onto the ceiling - I actually found it rather cool.



The barmaid in the second inn gave me a surprisingly tough challenge, as I had to figure out a way to lure her from her spot and avoid the strong sources of light in that area. It didn't help she was armed. Finding the sewers was a nice surprise, I didn't even realise there are any at first, and that those things are frobbable sewer hatches. Nice.



I really liked what you did with the gas arrows in this mission. B) Let's just say I put them to good use on certain guards. :D


In short, this is one mission I'll certainly replay in the future.


However, I do have one question:


The "sock drawer note" mentions that the two guards use that key on top of said dresser for some secret chest they have. I tried that key on multiple chests, but it didn't fit any. Have I looked around well enough or am I missing something ?


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I'm at the

gates that the 2 serving girls are supposed to have left open

for me but it's not open. I keep trying to frob it and it's not doing anything.


Ugh! Never Mind. I found it. :wacko:

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