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DarkRadiant 2.0.1 released

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DarkRadiant 2.0.1 is ready for use. This is a bugifx/stabilisation release. It's recommended to prefer this release over the recent 2.0.0.


Please refer to the github Release Page for downloading a Windows build: https://github.com/c...eases/tag/2.0.1


Thanks go out to all the pre-release testers, especially bikerdude and motorsep.


You will need to download the VC++ redistributable to 2013 for your Windows system, get it here:

It wil take a bit until the sourceforge page and wiki will be updated. As usual I'll also ask OrbWeaver to update the release on his PPA. Note that releases of Ubuntu older than 14.04 don't have a proper wxWidgets 3.0 development package, so it's unlikely that these will be able to run DarkRadiant 2.0+.


As usual and especially for this release, please report any bugs or feature requests here in these forums, following these guidelines:

  • Bugs (including steps for reproduction) can go directly on the tracker. When unsure about a bug/issue, feel free to ask.
  • Feature requests should be suggested (and possibly discussed) here in these forums before they may be added to the tracker.

As probably not everybody is reading the changelogs, here is the summary of changes:



  • Linux fixes for crashes at shutdown
  • DarkRadiant doesn't react when clicking around rather fast (#3887)
  • TreeView can sometimes hold bad selection references (#3880)
  • SplitPane window layout crashes DR at exit (#3875)
  • Crash at shutdown in TextureBrowser::destroyWindow() (#3874)
  • Rendering performance improvements for patches (#3890)
  • Some performance improvements when selecting stuff with modifiers held
  • Minor performance improvements when drawing camera and XY views.
  • Fixed horizontal splitpane constantly moving to the right with each application run
  • Failure to render textures on models in dr/renderer_test.map (materials using _white as map)
  • Precautions in attempt to fix ModelSelector crashing after reloading models and/or declarations.
  • Fixed startup arguments which were broken in the pre1 build
  • Fixed crash at shutdown prevalent in the pre2 builds
  • Fixed crash at shutdown when leaving a texture spawnarg selected in EntityInspector
  • Increased toolbar item padding
  • Adjusted SurfaceInspector layout
  • Adjusted LayerControlDialog layout
  • LayerControlDialog state is saved on DR exit
  • Prefab Selector showing non-prefab files, plus attempts to open folders
  • SkinChooser needs a moveable divider
  • Linux fixes
  • Selecting "Choose Sound..." in Entity Inspector doesn't select the shader in the tree.
  • Some windows are inresponsive to mousewheel events (when not in focus)
  • Colour picker has a text box next to it now.
  • Colourized playback/stop button images.
  • Better minimize behaviour for SurfaceInspector, LightInspector, etc.
  • Fixed #3851: backslashes in sound paths were ignored by the sound shader parser
  • Added default filter to exclude func_statics
  • SurfaceInspector's fit entry boxes have 2 digits by default now
  • Improved global shortcut handling (pre8)
  • Fixed EntityInspector assertion failure on Linux
  • Fixed: SurfaceInspector controls will continue firing their events when moving the mouse away
  • More precise keyboard shortcut handling for wxDataViewMainWindow (allow underscores)

Another list of changes can be found on the our bugtracker changelog.


Have fun mapping!

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I "Like This". :)

FM's: Builder Roads, Old Habits, Old Habits Rebuild

WIP's: Several. Although after playing Thief 4 I really wanna make a city mission.

Mapping and Scripting: Apples and Peaches

Sculptris Models and Tutorials: Obsttortes Models

My wiki articles: Obstipedia

Texture Blending in DR: DR ASE Blend Exporter

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I wrote ebuilds to properly install DarkRadiant on Gentoo including a patch to circumvent this issue. I planned to post them for 2.0.0 but as I couldn't get it to build I waited for the next release that worked.


Apparently I am not allowed to attach plain text files so have some links instead

ebuild for 2.0.1

ebuild for git

patch for gentoo


The ebuilds go into *local-overlay*/dev-games/DarkRadiant/ and the patch into *local-overlay*/dev-games/DarkRadiant/files/ then manifest/digest the ebuilds. But I guess most Gentoo users should already know how this works.


There's one issue though. It looks like audio support is optional. At least configure has no problem with missing OpenAL or alut and just disables building of audio. Still I couldn't find a configure option to enable or disable audio support. If audio is optional I would like add a proper USE flag for audio to the ebuild which needs a configure option.

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The patch is for Gentoo users only, or does it work in Ubuntu as well?

it should only be needed on Gentoo and maybe Funtoo as they handle python installations a little differently than binary distributions.

there might be a generic approach for the build system to make it work on every distro without a patch but my knowledge of build systems and coding in general is pretty limited.

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