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Should small static oil lamps be extinguishable up close?


Oil lamps  

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  1. 1. Should small static oil lamps be exstinguishable up close?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes or no, depending on a new gameplay setting.
    • Yes or no, depending on how mappers define them.

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I don't understand the seven years ago obsession either.

Maybe there is a good argument for allowing oil lamps to be blown out, and maybe there isn't. I'd be fine with it, but perhaps some mappers wouldn't. But the fact that it was discussed seven years ago is of no practical relevance that I can see.

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Seven years is - symbolically - a lot of time. We live seven years twelve times. Twelve times to change course in a lifetime, if you like.

I have big respect for the - past and present - developers of the game. TDM is a marvel and the fact that it still is well supported is admirable. We decide what to do with our free time, preserve stuff in a Museum or visit a Theme Park. Thing is, one option doesn't cancel the other.

Should small static oil lamps be extinguishable up close?

- Yes

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Seems like something a Builder might have. At the end of a worship service, blowing out the candles or licking your fingers and pinching them out doesn't seem reverential enough.

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