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Star Wars, The Last Jedi (spoilers)


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my take on this, made for kids aged 3 to 8, who don't care about screwy plot holes or things that don't make much sense and stretch reality in the wrong direction. Problem is where I live you needed to be aged 12 or higher to see the film. (going on the toys for rise of the skywalker) they are basically aged in the 3 to 8 age range, even though they wont get to see the movie until their parents get it on dvd or some payed for tv channel and watch it that way.

Anyway the film is obviously just made for kids, any adult who doesn't get that is just going to get burnt. Its disney after all.

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Yep. Probably focus-group tested on a very young demographic.

When I heard about all the rapid plot developments in a few of the reviews, I immediately thought that

a Disney committee was watching a 9yr old test group get bored with dialog and ordered that these sequences be

shortened to match the tolerance of that demographic. The resultant movie is probably closer to the plot of a "child's

play session with Star Wars action figures" than a legitimate Star Wars film and for Disney that's probably a desirable result.

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Apparently the cinema release of rise of the Skywalker was Disney's re-cut to 2hours 22 minute, J.J. Abrams cut was 3 hours 2 minutes long.  So Disney cut 40 minutes out of the film.

Disney also changed the running order of some of the scene's that's why you get that disjointed feeling when watching it, the missing scene's were all the emotional stuff you would expect in a movie, Disney had them shoot extra stuff for Disney toy ad placement (the figurines). Things got cut because they decided to pander to China for some strange reason.

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On 1/11/2020 at 3:50 AM, stumpy said:

the 3 hour version of rise of the skywalker was mentioned on some youtube chanels, someone claimed to have inside information about jjabrams being livid about the cinema release version not being the film he edited and submitted to disney for release.

Thanks for the info! From what I gathered, these are still only rumours. Although the depth of details lets me think that there may be some truth to it (or someone has a very fertile imagination).

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I want to give a hearty thanks to the posters in this thread and other grumblers out there out on the webs.


My lowered expectations going into the Skywalker film and the spoilers made the experience far more enjoyable than

it should have been. :)


Armed with fore-knowledge about plot developments, I braced for terrible awkward scenes and was instead greeted with mostly

competent dialog and pacing. It was like watching the film from the director's point of view. I knew the broad strokes of what was

gonna happen and got to enjoy the execution.


In many ways, I had the same experience with The Force Awakens. I heard all the dire comments about it and dreaded it

so much then found it "wasn't so bad".


I personally give Star Wars a little leeway in the quality department. A New Hope was very cool but it was also pretty sloppy

and I think it was never meant to be the pinnacle of serious sci-fi drama that Empire made it into. It was supposed to be a junky Flash Gorden

serial made into a modern movie. (Still, I totally would have preferred if the sequel trilogy could've matched the calibre of Empire.)


I was more pissed at the Prequels because of all the retcon on the original Trilogy. IMHO George had one job: show how a likeable and

cocky young Anakin could ever get addicted to "the dark side". Anakin was never likeable and his "seduction" to the dark side was

a last minute contrivance rather than the type of temptations that Luke encountered in Return of the Jedi. George should have had

Anakin using the dark force to win training exercises and teasing the other Padawan about their feeble skills. A natural sequence of

him learning to prefer things "the dark way" and getting annoyed that less skilled Jedi are telling him it's against the rules.

Instead we got a whiney teenager who was scammed into using the dark side by a creepy old man. It barely matched the description given by Obi-Wan.


Back to Skywalker? 


It was paced in such a way that you didn't have much time to mull any anomalies in the plot or character development.

I feel like JJ Abrams was trying to emulate the frantic back and forth of Return of the Jedi and didn't care if there was some

nonsense in the character logic as long as the frantic mood and aesthetic was preserved. If you turn off your brain a little and

take it to be a Star Wars fan playing Star Wars themed D&D it's a pretty fun film. It's just too bad that it's not a worthy final installment

as compared to the original trilogy.




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