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Doom3 X-Ray view - possible use?

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We have a number of subview types supported by engine. All but one get used: portal, lightgem, mirror, remote (remote should be used since 2.07).


That leaves the seemingly unused xray subview that we should somehow adopt or drop.


It's not too important how exactly the xray view looks like. The fact is it's already there and can me tuned to any desired effect.


I hope to hear from mappers on possible use of it - off the top of my head it could be e.g. a perception potion that shows AI model contours behind close walls.


Obviously It's not going to be one of 2.07 changes, but now is as good time to discuss as any

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Another possibility might be that the special x-ray ability works via an arcane artifact. Once in possession, the player will have the ability to see through walls or maybe even see AI models with x-ray vision so the player can easily see/identify what the AI model is carrying e.g. keys, sacks of gold, potion bottles etc...

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Or bat senses; how about visualising sounds - every active sound volume would produce concentric waves, or rather animated lights that shows for a brief moment silhouettes of surrounding objects. I've mentioned thermal vision somewhere else; it could work as an on/off switch for separate texture set - can a brush/patch/model surface have defined two separate textures, exchanged instantly just by a selected key?


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Here are my notes on xrayRenderMap from http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=User:VanishedOne#Material_shaders



xrayRenderMap -- some code support from RoE may be missing (cf. Entity.cpp, BrittleFracture.cpp...). Perhaps TDM was built on /neo/game instead of /neo/d3xp. What's left can create a subview that skips some surfaces, e.g. there's an AI it can make bald, but the rules are unclear (some bodies just turn invisible, some don't) and I think "skin_xray" and "skin_head_xray" spawnargs may be broken. (Also D3BFG has a base/_common/generated/images/textures/sfx/xrayblend#__0200.bimage for which there's no apparent equivalent.)


I'd been hoping it could be used for shadowy-figures-passing-behind-blinds and so forth, if xray skins could be used to reskin AI when seen through the surface, without needing special vertex coloured meshes as for http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/11515-real-translucency-anyone/


And of course as other people have mentioned, it has potential for spooky/magical effects.


Edit: this is how it's used in RoE, I think:



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Some things I'm repeatedly thinking about...


- louder scream when you're dying

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as a player and modder, its a nice feature to see.

and maybe mappers/modders going to use it in the future.

its excists in d3 bfg code, so adopt it.


as i posted and asked earlier:

please keep the excisting (or new) d3 code/features in TDM, you never know when its going to used by mappers and modders.

Things that could be used/reinmaginated/changed/disabled-as-an-option, like the mailsytem, multiplayer, etc.


thanks for starting this topic for this object, otherwise it was gone.

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