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used_by_inv_id not working

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I am currently trying to set up a situation, in which the player has to use two inventory items on another entity. It all works fine, when I use used_by_inv_name, but I would like to change the inventory name into something quite long, so I am not sure if this will work. According to the Wiki article, it can be replaced with used_by_inv_id (to avoid translation problems), but if I use the setup with this, it does not register the inventory item anymore. Am I missing something or was inv_id not implemented so far?

The corresponding spawnargs I used are:
item1: name FinanceBook1; inv_id Finances1, inv_name Finances of Greyhill Church Book 1
item2: name FinanceBook2; inv_id Finances2, inv_name Finances of Greyhill Church Book 2
entity to be used on: used_by_inv_id1 Finances1, used_action_script_Finances1 BurnBook, used_by_inv_id2 Finances2, used_action_script_Finances2 BurnBook

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On 1/16/2020 at 11:30 PM, Destined said:

Ah ok, that explains it. Maybe it really is only a suggestion on the Wiki. Then I will work with inv_name. Thanks a lot for checking!

Sorry this is a little late but you can use this spawnarg:


On the target object:
"item_id_name"   "example_item"

On the object itself:
"inv_item_id"		"example_item"


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