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TFM x86 Win7 start with Black Screen

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Hi everyone! Ok, I'm a great fan of Thief series that has been apart for years from the fans community... until now. Days ago I found the DDFix mod, then the HD Mod, and now this! Such a GORGEOUS mod guys, I have seen the demos! I can't wait to play it!

Ok, but not that fast. After a hard time with the downloading (I live in the mountains and I connect to internet with a modem service in which I pay for every Mb downloaded), the game won't start. I get first a white screen when loading, and then a big black screen with beautiful and mysterious music (just to grow up my pain 😢). If I move the mouse cursor, I hear the sounds of the cursor being over the menu elements and I see some grey empty squares, without text.

My computer equipement:

- Toshiba Satellite (notebook), Intel DualCore T6500 2.10 Ghz processor, 3 Gb RAM

- Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bits (Spanish).

- External monitor Sony Bravia Smart TV (1920 x 1080 maximum).

- Mobile Intel 4 Series Express Graphics GMA 4500MHD (128 Mb dedicated memory video).

I have already search for this problem, and the only references to it which I have found involve Linux OS. The description of the bug is exactly the same, but the solutions are not applied to me. The only coincidence that I have noticed is that also involve an Intel Graphic card. I have tried also some editions of the file Darkmod.cfg and to replace the file tdm_base01.pk4 with another one patched for some Intel problem, but withou success.

I needyour help guys, I'm about to break in tears. I feel I have all to play this game, but I don't have the knowledge to fix it by myself.

Thanks forehand...


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Please visit TDM's IndieDB site and help promote the mod:




(Yeah, shameless promotion... but traffic is traffic folks...)

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IMO the amount of both system and video ram is not enough for comfortable play. 2 GB Vram cards have been a standard for older games for quite some time now and should be really cheap. Also, the engine is a bit more demanding with higher resolutions. You might want to try something below full HD (1280x720 or lower).

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I agree with above.
But more tdm-info would be nice.
Would you post the content of darkmod.log?

More info see:
(you can open this file with notepad. Please post the content inside a spoiler-forumtag)
(please post the content of the tdm.log in a spoiler)

Edited by freyk

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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