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numberTimesPlayerSeen mission statistic problem?

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The FM that I'm creating uses the getMissionStatistic() script function, to gather info about how stealthy the player has been at a certain point in the mission. While testing, I've seen some strange results. What I think I'm seeing is that various stealth counters don't get incremented if a non-combat civilian sees you. Specifically:


do not increase if a civilian sees you and runs away.

I created a simple test map (attached). When it starts, the noblewoman has her back to you. Walk around so that she can see you - she will run to the flee point at the other end of the room. Now go frob the stone pillar - that will display various mission statistics. Note that numberTimesPlayerSeen, sightingScore, and stealthScore are all zero. 

Run the test again, and this time sneak up behind her and bump into her before she sees you. She'll flee again, and this time numberTimesPlayerSeen is 1 (and sightingScore and steathScore are 5). That seems appropriate.

Replace her with an armed guard, and he will immediately chase you, and numberTimesPlayerSeen is 1.

Are these results expected? I would think that if you went around being seen by civilians and making them panic and run away, those stealth statistics shouldn't remain at 0. 


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On 6/19/2020 at 9:39 AM, grayman said:

Not available.

:( We're all praying for you man, get well soon!

I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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