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Would it be worth asking Atari to put TDM on this machine? Even if it is free, it can be mutually beneficial for both TDM and Atari. It would get TDM more publicity, and Atari would have another game to advertise as being available on the system. Somehow I doubt Microsoft and Sony would be as willing to give TDM the light of day.


Anyway even if there is no TDM officially provided on this system, it will still be easy to run, since it is based on a Ryzen chip and you can customize it's software environment.

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Here are the specs

Kano, you can also do what others do:
Like buy this thing when it is out, put tdm on it and publisch your installation method on the wiki.
Then ask the atari dvs developers to integrate tdm on their game database.

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
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Could the situation about steam in the quote bellow that bohr1more talked about on MODDB, prevent TDM to be on a Atari machine also?


We hit a snag with Steam.

In order to put TDM up there, we must designate someone to be "legally responsible" for The Dark Mod.

We're an Open Source project and have no "owners" or "responsible parties" other than the long time contributors who host our files and site.

Designating someone as the "owner" is not something anyone wants to broach.

Nor do we want to incur any possible legal repercussions by "incorporating" then having Square Enix sue the "TDM Corporation" for "selling" The Dark Mod.

Even though we've made sure to steer clear of any infringements and don't have any "sell" anything, Square could argue that we are offering some sort of "free to play" product and we somehow indirectly profit from their copyrighted game design.

There has been some discussion about setting up a non-profit organization and seeing if that would pass the muster but we'd still need someone who lives in the Country where that non-profit exists to be a "responsible party" for the non-profit.


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On 6/5/2021 at 3:00 AM, freyk said:

You can ask them, but who is going to be responsible for the port?

I think as soon as someone installs real Windows or Linux on the console, TDM should work out-of-the-box.
Basically, it becomes the officially supported platform then.

However, I'm skeptical about performance.

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