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Playertools:holywater -- how to apply that entitydef to custom model?


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I want a potion with holywater properties, but applied to a DR made model that looks more appropriate for my FM (with no crucifix).  

I've made several objects to grab, put in inventory, then drop at a location to complete objectives before, so that's not a problem.  

But how do I apply the properties of entityDef atdm:playertools_holywater to a model?  One required property is that it can be applied to a waterarrow.   I copy/pasted the holywater entitydef to myfm/def subfolder with appropriate name changes, but that didn't work at all...

Does anyone know of an FM that has done this, or something similar enough with playertools, so I can copy that procedure?  


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You could just create a holy water potion in your map and change its "model" spawnarg to your custom model. The more sophisticated way would be to create a new entityDef that inherits from the original potion entity but specifies a different model. Either of those are how customisations like yours are usually done.

Note that if the model should be for a moveable like a potion, then it needs a collision mesh. This is a very simplistic shape that can be part of the model - you could look at the existing holywater's collision mesh to see how it's done.

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Thank you!  And so simple, too.  Being an unsophisticated type, I'll opt for the easy way. 

eta. -  or perhaps not.  I need a new icon and inv_name etc. - i.e. not "holy".  So back to the problem:  where do I put the new entitydef?  Is myFM/def the right place?  Is my copy/paste -> change names procedure on track?  

eta2.  After creating a holy water potion then changing the model to my own, it works exactly like the original holy water -- so my model inc. collision mesh is OK.  The icon and inv_name are dead wrong, tho'. 

Also, about the way holy water arrows work is very odd and I don't like it.  I tested on various undead AI with these results. 

4 x hw_arrow to kill it.
1 x fire_arrow to kill.

2 x hw_arrow to kill.
1 x fire_arrow to kill.

2 x hw_arrow to kill.
1 x fire_arrow to kill.

invisible to player, it still attacks and kills player

flat black skin.  nonsolid for hw_arrow and fire_arrow

How can a player know it takes 4 shots with holy water arrows to kill the (no doubt closely) attacking revenant?

What's the point of an invisible unkillable attacker (builder ghost)?  Or an unkillable revenant spirit? 

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I got it to work with my model, icon, names.  Everything good to go except, IMO it's unusable as it takes 4 hits to kill a revenant, 2 to kill a skeleton - which strikes me as being so wrong that it kills immersion.  Too bad.

The problems with builder_ghost and revenant_spirit must be a rendering bug.

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