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DR not remembering ortho layouts

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Every time I start DR, the ortho views are all at Y/X



I can go to each window then CTRL-TAB to get them where I want, like it was before with splitpane.

But when I close DR and open it again, they're all back to defaults.

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I always assumed I'd taste like boot leather.


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I have the same problem


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Same here. I love that at least somebody else has my setup, with the 3D-view in the left corner and then all angles in the other three :) Sometimes I get the feeling that folks only work in one orto-view and use commands to turn it around...

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I wonder if it could be set in the user.xml file.

This code seems to specify the xy-view windows:

name=OrthoView;caption=2D View;state=768;dir=5;layer=0;row=0;pos=0;prop=100000;bestw=200;besth=250;minw=200;minh=250;maxw=-1;maxh=-1;floatx=-1;floaty=-1;floatw=-1;floath=-1|name=OrthoView2;caption=2D View;state=6297596;dir=1;layer=1;row=0;pos=1;prop=100000;bestw=128;besth=128;minw=128;minh=128;maxw=-1;maxh=-1;floatx=1595;floaty=298;floatw=144;floath=167|name=OrthoView3;caption=2D View;state=6297596;dir=2;layer=0;row=1;pos=0;prop=100000;bestw=128;besth=128;minw=128;minh=128;maxw=-1;maxh=-1;floatx=1803;floaty=932;floatw=144;floath=167|


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In the original splitpane view that got removed I think it is stored in this line:

<viewTypes topleft="-1" topright="0" bottomleft="0" bottomright="2"/>

I think currently the setting is not specified and stored in the xml file.


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I have been looking at old versions of DarkRadiant. DR 2.12 had the following window layouts:

  • Dockable
  • Embedded
  • Floating
  • Regular
  • RegularLeft
  • SplitPane

In 2.12 on both the Floating and the SplitPane layouts, the XYviews are preserved on restart. This is not the case with the other layouts. So this is not a new thing, the code probably was never there..

Currently DR only uses the Dockable interface, therefore it doesn't work. Maybe it's easier to find the solution by looking how it works in the Floating layout, because that already uses multiple seperate xyviews (if made).

In DR 3.8 in user.xml it has this data under xyview:

<xyview><recent origin="0 0 30" scale="1.000000"/> </xyview>

In DR 2.12, if Floating layout is selected, it has the following data:

<xyview><recent origin="0 0 30" scale="1.000000"/>          <views><view name="0" xPosition="124" yPosition="506" width="400" height="300" type="YZ"/><view name="1" xPosition="562" yPosition="162" width="400" height="300" type="XY"/><view name="2" xPosition="126" yPosition="158" width="400" height="300" type="XZ"/></views> </xyview>

If you load the data in <views></views> in the xml file in DR 3.8, it is loaded into DR, but nothing is done with it.

The GlobalXYWnd.cpp in 2.14 source has this in it:

/* greebo: This method restores all xy views from the information stored in the registry.

And then some code under it.

The GlobalXYWnd.cpp in 3.8 source does not have this code. Maybe makes sense, because it didn't work with the Dockable window layout.

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