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Yeah, a last completed date would be something the game would have to implement (and write it out to missions.tdminfo). Apart from that, there's no reliable way for AngelLoader to know it.

Beta 12

  • Fixed: the first "refresh from disk" trigger from TDM would be ignored, due to spurious refreshes being queued on startup and then never run, thus not having the refresh level value reset.
  • In the Settings window, if a setting was changed that required a view refresh (game paths etc.), the filters would lose their state after the refresh.
  • Dark Mod FM scans now show a progress box with a cancel button, because it's theoretically possible for the server data download to take some unboundedly large amount of time (highly unlikely, but covering the edge cases).
  • Title filter searches now also search TDM "archive" names, same as for the other games.
  • The DarkLoader Import window will now disable the Import Saves checkbox if no backup path has been specified, and shows a link to go to the Settings window where you can specify a backup path.
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53 minutes ago, FenPhoenix said:

Yeah, a last completed date would be something the game would have to implement (and write it out to missions.tdminfo).

Shouldn't that not be the same as the last played date? For me it usually is unless I am in the middle of a mission ;).

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Yeah, there's the last played date, but there's no (reliable) way to know if you actually completed the game on that date. What I mean by "no reliable way" is that the following would have to occur for the last completed date to be accurate:

  • AngelLoader is running.
  • You're playing an FM (say, Iris) on a difficulty you have not completed yet (say, Expert).
  • You complete the FM, the game marks it as "completed on Expert" and writes that out to missions.tdminfo.
  • AngelLoader detects the change to missions.tdminfo, reads it, and compares to its internal list. It sees that Iris' finished states differ between the internal database and missions.tdminfo: the latter has Expert marked, whereas the internal database only has Normal marked (or nothing, or whatever). It adds the Expert finished state to the internal database for Iris, and updates the UI. Because it catches every modification of this file and updates its internal database every time, it knows the difference in finished states occured on the most recent write. Thus, it could timestamp this and there's your last completed date.


  • If AngelLoader were not running when the game writes the value out, then you have no guarantee of time anymore. Not only were you not there to catch the change event, but the file's last-write-time doesn't save you either: the file could have been modified any number of times (updating any number of FMs' entries) since the time of the updating of the actual FM you completed, and individual entries are not marked with the time of their finished state change. So if multiple FMs were finished between AngelLoader runs? Even if you went with the file timestamp, that's still only one. If you finished two FMs between AL runs, any information whatsoever about the time of completion of the first one is completely lost. Same if the game simply wrote over the file with unchanged data, that would lose your correct file timestamp too.
  • If you finished an FM on a difficulty you have finished before, then the game will simply write out the same value resulting in no change to the FM entry in missions.tdminfo. AngelLoader will still detect the file modification and will still read and compare the file, but now no differences will be found, so it's impossible for it to know whether any FM's finished state has been changed, and thus it can't know whether you finished it that run or not, and can't datestamp it.
  • The last finished dates of any FMs you completed before you set up AngelLoader are unknowable, period. It might be the last played date but it just as well might not be.

We'd end up with a mishmash of correct data and guesses that may just as well be wrong as right. If you can't trust the data then I'm not convinced it's that useful.

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"played" -> "completed"
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Beta 13

  • More robust TDM file reading attempts: we now try until we can access them or until a 5 second timeout
  • If a TDM file is not found at all, we now continue immediately and don't wait the 5 seconds
  • Rework auto-refresh system to be simpler and more robust:
    • Refreshes run completely on the UI thread now
    • Refreshes happen immediately or not at all; no more deferred refreshes
    • Refreshes are not allowed when the main window is blocked or disabled (mostly if a progress box is up)
    • If a dialog window is open (Settings, About, etc.) then a "lightweight" refresh (UI update only) is allowed, but a "heavyweight" refresh (FM list reload, possible scan and/or readme cache update) is not.
  • Remove installed status from unavailable TDM FMs (those not found on disk)
  • Gracefully handle scenarios where some or all watched TDM files or directories may not exist (clean install, partially broken install etc.)
  • Ignore empty or invalid FM dirs (dirs with no pk4 files in them; TDM clean installs may add an empty "saintlucia" folder for example)
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Here's the latest beta. I feel like this is about ready for a public release at this point. If no one has any bug reports or anything, and if I don't find any issues in the next few days, I'll start preparing the first public release.

Beta 14

  • Matching game behavior on a bunch of subtler points. None of the below scenarios are likely to occur, but it's best to be able to handle them.
    • TDM auto-converts FM file names to a valid form (lowercase, replacing disallowed chars with underscores, etc.). AngelLoader is now able to match non-converted FM names to their converted counterparts, so it knows for example "BaKerY;job.pk4" is the FM "bakery_job".
    • TDM doesn't care what the pk4 inside an fm's folder is called. So "C:\darkmod\fms\bakery_job\bakery_job.pk4" will load just as well as "C:\darkmod\fms\bakery_job\totally_different_name.pk4". AngelLoader is now aware of this during scans and will not require the in-fm-folder pk4's name to match the FM's.
    • TDM supports compressed FMs with the .zip extension as well as .pk4 when the FM is in the base FMs dir (hasn't been moved yet). AngelLoader is now aware of this, and of the priority order of the two extensions, and will choose the correct file when scanning/loading.
  • In Settings -> Paths, the Backup Path area has been polished a bit.
  • In Settings -> Appearance -> Show or hide interface elements, the checkboxes are now "Show" instead of "Hide", to be more straightforward.
  • When scanning, the progress box will now show a message that it's getting TDM FM data from the server if it's doing so, rather than the more generic "preparing scan" message.
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I launched two different instances of beta 14, one with and one without internet and both worked without issues, messages or complaints.

AngelLoader does what it is supposed to do very efficiently. It is lightning fast and it comes with the right set of settings to set it up as per my liking: dark theme, tabs instead of icons (two games only), and sorting (true alphabetical).

A welcome addition to the TDM world. Thank you very much.

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TDM Modpack

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