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5 minutes ago, grodenglaive said:

I haven't played any Thief mods before or even looked at the game since probably 2000. Going back to the old Thief graphics was a bit of a turnoff at first, but the gameplay more than makes up for it.

That, and the amazing atmosphere and soundtrack.

TBH, I don't mind the graphics at all. But, I don't mind the early Tomb Raiders' graphics either.


Wow, this mod is massive. I'm over 20 hours in and just started The Jaws of Darkness (mission 8 of 10). Really enjoyable so far, great maps. It can get pretty intense at times, but in a good way. I ran into a couple of frustrating places where I couldn't find the objective and resorted to google (that sprawling mansion early on was easy to get lost in).

That's something I would criticize about it: The missions are just too complex, and confusing to navigate, for the most part. I think they exaggerated a bit there. It also kind of takes the wind out of the sails, if every single mission is such a monster. In some, I just rushed through the end to finally finish the mission.

The original missions in both Thief 1 and 2 were pretty well balanced between moderately sized and large missions, and they had a good feel for "climaxes" in the actual main story.

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The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King won an absurd amount of Oscars as a reward for a superb three-part movie ride. Thief: The Dark Project, The Black Parade deserves a similar treatment as the leading vehicle of 25 years worth of Fan Mission content.


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On 1/5/2024 at 1:26 PM, chakkman said:

That's something I would criticize about it: The missions are just too complex, and confusing to navigate, for the most part. I think they exaggerated a bit there.

I think this is subjective, but after "The Jaws of Darkness" I have to agree.

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So far ... (and I'm not that far in); it is MOST EXCELLENT. Yes. the textures look very dated, YES Chunky map Polygons, YES original (er updated) Thief engine is creaky....One of the best T1G campaigns in YEARS.

These are Expert-ONLY maps; and they do give the Master Taffers a real test of their skills.

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