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I really believe that it would be advantageous for a group such as your selves to have beta mappers like me who have always been loyal thief fans since thief came out. Mappers who have been using the old Dromed system someone who could maybe help you to know some if something was missing. Some little thing that most didn’t do or know. I am that guy who goes around looking for places to climb up (crates to carry) and look down at the skybox. I am the guy who maps like dromed1. This mod is for the community of thief fans like me. You want people who map in that old style because those are the people this mod (seems) to serve. Many of them map like me: Thief 1 style. Please allow me to give your mod a look. I think it would be beneficial to both of us. I need you Mod to flesh out my little mission(to bring it to life. And I think you guys need me to say, “ it would be nice if the player could this or that.”


Again thank you all for your consideration.


Yours with great admiration and respect



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