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I am interested in applying for a mapping/object maker position.



Who am I?



My name is Marek “MRYS” Rys. I live in Bytom, industrial (to much) town in Poland.

I’am working in big Museum as poster and publications designer. Also I teach

teachers connections between art and cultur, social and cultural conditions of it. I’m 38.

More then 12 years I’am working using 3D and 2D software and making CG images - especially

planes and other technical objects. Many of them are presented on www.luft46.com page, in

LuftArt part (under Marek Rys).

I’am high skilled in using 3dMax, Pov Ray, Rhinoceros 3D, Corel, Photoshop and many other pro-



Any mapping experience?


I am familiar with DromEd. I built many locations and demo missions, but only for myself. I

prefered to working with objects and many of them was used by other FM makers - you can see

them in Timon’s Forgotten Forrest pt. 1 and 2 FM. I was made many doors and textured them to

get alternative for native doors of Thief 1 and Thief 2. Some of them I present here:

Limitations of DromEd lead me to start with T3ED in “vanila” and Enhanced form. Be-

cause my doors was made as hipoly model for getting textures with bump simullations, I used

them as source for normal map and remake doors for new engine. I made also some new models

for it.




Unfortunately T3Ed has limitations also, so making my FM, I am thinking about since few years once again was impossible. And then I discovered Dark Mod. Some years ago I made few small FM for Quake 3, so Radiant was not totally unfamiliar for me. I remember, that only philosobhy

of making world from solid (instead of cutting rooms from them as in Dromed and T3Ed) was difficult to accept. But now after few lessons of DoomRadiant I find this editor very useful. Adding custom objects was a little hard to understand - I find it unstable and not perfect working,

but now I have no problems with it. My friend from polish Thief forum, Bukary, asked me to make objects for his misson, and I agreed with pleasure.





Why Dark Mod?


Cause it is the only chance for me to make FM of my dreams. Cause it is (Radiant) very

flexible and potential. Cause I want to make my missions with no fear, that the next hause will be the one too far. And I love all this crazy guys, who spend free time making worlds for Garrett. And of course for glory, beer and girls.For all those reasons I am very interested in Dark Mod toolset and betamapper position.


And few T2 screenshoots for view (paintings, footlocker are mine objects)



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Thanks NH!


Here are some other images, not from any engine but made in 3D soft. Some of them (not all) are preliminary sketches for my FM, I was trying to made in t3ED - some are only for show what am I doing in free time:).











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Looks pretty good! Especially that you can do your textures is a big bonus, because we are a bit short on texture artists. :)


And of course since you have Professor Snape as your avatar, you get my vote as well. :)


That iced over wall, looks pretty good! Do you have a larger image of that? And does it have a name?


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Heck, why stop at beta-mapper? I vote for giving him him full team access. If he's going to be making his own textures and models of that quality, it would be a lot easier to give him CVS access so he can add them as he goes along.

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Hello team member!



Thanks for a nice words and I am really happy, that you like my works!

And thanks, that you started with such wonderful idea to give Garrett new life in new engine! I played almost all FM ever created (more then 4 - 5 hundred?). I will play next.


Waiting for your decision!

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Heck, why stop at beta-mapper? I vote for giving him him full team access. If he's going to be making his own textures and models of that quality, it would be a lot easier to give him CVS access so he can add them as he goes along.

Sure, if he wants to. Maybe someone should inform him about the difference first? (Someone who actually knows what that difference is, ie, not me.. :)

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Heck, why stop at beta-mapper? I vote for giving him him full team access. If he's going to be making his own textures and models of that quality, it would be a lot easier to give him CVS access so he can add them as he goes along.


The reason why we have team members and contributors is hopefully obvious. The choice between beta mapper and team member is, among other things, based on the mappers preference. Considering the quality it is ok for me on both accounts, but he should decide what he wants. In case of mappers, I guess the distinction is mostly personal and not yet based on team requirements.


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  • 3 months later...

Considering MRYS' last post is here:




Coming up on three months ago, I guess we lost another one to the board monster? I think PinkDot is a friend of Bukary; might you have any information? This is really getting ridiculous and frustrating with so much talent signing up lately to just quit/vanish/get eaten/whatever.

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Actually I was wondering what has happen to MRYS as well, but I have no idea... I'll try to find out something from Bukary. MRYS is not active for a long time in polish forum neither...

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