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Lore Question: Black Market Mages

mages lore black market

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#1 Erebus



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Posted 01 October 2018 - 05:21 AM

I wasn't quite sure where to put this - there doesn't seem to be a 'lore' section that I can find, but the general section will do.


So, mages. They're not (legally) permitted to make a profit from their magic. But of course that means there's a healthy black market full of dabbling bookworms who learned a couple of charms and now peddle their meager magical talents in back alleys and after-dark pubs. My question is this: What do we call them?


Essentially, I plan on making a mission centered around such a character, and I need a snazzy slang term for a mage who operates outside the law for profit. The term 'Hedge-wizard' doesn't really cut it, that's more of a derogatory phrase used by more upstanding mages to look down their noses at the common apprentices. I'm looking for something from the point of view of fellow thieves and cutthroats. How do they refer to their more magically-inclined peers who sell them arcane arrows and breath potions?

#2 Springheel


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Posted 01 October 2018 - 07:29 AM

Look up slang for drug dealers.  It would be a similar thing.

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#3 R Soul

R Soul


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Posted 07 October 2018 - 06:08 PM

I haven't played many TDM missions so all I've seen of mages is them using short range spells to attack me.


Based on that:

Lighthand, or lighthanded.


Coinspark (assuming every use of magic involves the spark effect we see their attacks).


The act of performing magic for profit could be called coinspelling.

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#4 Epifire


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 01:41 AM

Some great suggestions R Soul. What about context of a Mage who uses his powers for Thievery? In a very rudimentary explanation, the act could be called a Spell-Stalker or Rite-Robber (spells or rituals committed in the sole act of thievery).


EDIT: Hey one that I thought summed up one that was a bit more all encompassing (but less wordy and easier to say) would call the mage a Ritic. The root being rituals and heretic combined like a title. How the actual definitions of heresy are established is another topic but I'd imagine law abiding mages keeping their practice to their personal lives would be the direct comparison of a Ritic.

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#5 Snehk



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Posted 08 October 2018 - 02:04 AM

One could mix it with the good old fashioned word that all Thief fans know and create a spell-taffer, or other combinations/kennings.

I think that maggot would fit with sneaky mage-thieves. It has the same beginning as magician or mage and gets well along other slang words - it comes with a negative notion and such.

R Soul wrote some awesome terms that are definitely worth considering.

#6 chakkman


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Posted 08 October 2018 - 05:00 AM

Hmm... mages in the original Thief games always had some kind of code of honor. TBH, i can't really imagine them selling their knowledge, or achievements on the black market, TBH. Necromancers on the other hand... those were kind of the bad ass version of mages in Thief. Maybe you can put it so that your mage would in fact be a necromancer. ;) Would also make things a lot more interesting, in my opinion.


Edit: Ok, thinking about it, i surely also could imagine some sort of outcast mages who offer on the black market. Actually would make sense even, when they can't practise their actual profession anymore.

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#7 Erebus



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Posted 12 October 2018 - 11:24 PM

Maybe you can put it so that your mage would in fact be a necromancer. ;) Would also make things a lot more interesting, in my opinion.

I had actually intended for him to have been through a 'necromancy phase' that occasionally comes back to haunt/help him when the spirit world is involved.


Best slang I can think of currently is:

-Newt-Blinder / Newtmonger (reference to using Eye of Newt)

-Banewright / Jinxwright / Hexwright (various names for curses, portmanteau'd with a name for a craftsman)


something more succinct might be better though.

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