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  1. As I leave my crimbo vacation and return to my work duties I can feel that my time may be severely cut for mapping, so I may as well have you guys take a look at what I've been working on (you know, per the thread title and everything): I really wanna finish this one but RL is a bit volatile atm! Fates be kind!!!
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  2. praise to the map builders out there. thank you
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  3. I can definitely add to this. I ditched Windows 8 years ago, haven't had it on my system since... still can't believe how long I lived on it till finally making this choice. Indeed the only issue is some games being harder to play, especially newer ones as old ones typically work fine under WINE. I didn't notice it much as I rarely touch commercial games any more; Unlike free projects like TDM, which are made by the community and we can fully edit, I don't feel those truly belong to us rather that some company who makes boring stuff just so we give it our money. We must not forget that TDM isn't just the only FOSS game of its genre: It's one of the only projects with AAA assets and graphics... albeit by 2010's standards, but in my book I would still call them that. Alongside it and Xonotic, most open-source games have pretty cheap assets and a lot of bugs unfortunately... TDM however has long achieved commercial quality, and for something remarkably complex in its core design and the features required.
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  5. They're probably fishing for support, so want to keep it up as long as they think there's an offside chance. The fiasco with Underworld Ascendant unfortunately probably did compound their difficulties. My general view is there's a time and a place for a certain game with a certain team to come together with a certain design philosophy where it all comes together and a great game emerges. And if it doesn't have that alignment of pieces, then the gates to development hell are always open and never far away.
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  7. Here is to hoping for a Silent Hill 2 Remaster!!
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  8. A couple of bugs I found today. First of all I happened to replay the FM Special Delivery this time. This FM will crash and is unplayable with later TDM versions, if in the store at the start of the game you choose to buy the Speed Potion. It seems to be due to its scriptobject not being found... maybe it would be a good time to add the finished version of this potion to core? Second one, and I noticed this since the first 2.09 beta: The red and green glows when using items appear really sharp, as if in lower color resolution. Unfortunately I forgot to turn off the sharpen filter and see if that's causing it. Lastly I recently replayed Snowed Inn as mentioned above. Saw a little peculiarity which might be an alpha drawing issue in the renderer: There's a certain drawing on a wooden wall in a part of the map. When shining the flashlight at it, the corners of the decal plane become black rather than staying transparent. This only happens if the flashlight is on and perhaps shining at the right angle, without it transparency works just fine. Might count as a FM spoiler so just in case.
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  9. Its life status is unknown. The company that was working on System Shock 3 (OtherSide Entertainment) only has one actually released game to their name (Underworld Ascendant) and that turned out to be something of a disaster. Last year it was announced that good-ol' Tencent had acquired the rights to develop the game from OtherSide. At first I though the studio was being bought out by Tencent, but it looks like just the game itself. Ever since then there's been absolutely no information whatsoever about the game. Hell, OtherSide still hasn't removed the game from their own list of projects on their site. Maybe Tencent just wants to sit on the rights until they get the people they want working on it, who knows.
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  10. In general one should not expect others to implement script functions for them unless those appear extremely useful or some of the coders is really bored (that is rarely the case, as there is still a bit of a lack in that regards). On the other side script funtions are normally quiet rudimental, so implementing them isn't too hard once you understood how the whole setup works. In most cases you can copy what is already there and alter it to fit your needs. Furthermore trying to find a workaround within the limitations of the current systems also has its benefits, as one can learn quiet a lot about scripting and other systems as well as the engine in general. Informations that can only prove useful on the long hand (there is a reason I have turned into a jack of all trades over the years - I am always looking for workarounds ). @MirceaKitsune: Even though there are no script events implemented exactly for your needs, there are workarounds. Reading the lightgem value via the gui is, as stated earlier on, possible. It's not the most direct way but, hey, it works. Modifying the breath is what the breath potion is doing, and yeah, iirc it utilizes the heal function (which is not obscure imho, regenerating health or breath is almost the same, so it makes sense both can be achieved via the same function) Disallowing players to run can be achieved via immobilization (think of player carrying bodies). Crouch would need more investigation, but it may be possible to utilize the animation system for that (if there is no immoblization for that either) Changing the player/ai footsteps volume is probably achievable via modifying the specific sound shaders combined with altering the ai's sensivity to propagated sounds. I thought about that in the past (player is harder to hear in loud environments), but never really implemented it. It appears to me that you are a bit too focused on the script events, expecting that there is one for every single (often very specific task). Try to think more outside of the box. There are guis, materials, shaders,objective system and Stim/Response to your disposal (and maybe something I have forgotten), and all of them can interact with each other.
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  11. IMO this was bound to happen, to me is a surprise how long it took for someone to push TDM in a direction it was not originally designed for, is a testament thou to the excellent work the TDM team made to make the tools relatively easy to use to create "thief" like missions. So is easy to understand that the more knowhow you guys gather the more limitations you guys strike against, so is not surprising that some of you want more than what is offered now, so yes for TDM power users, like grayman said "enhancing the scripting API" is a good idea, but like Geep said "minimize slowdowns inherent to scripting" should be taken seriously, making scripting easy is a blessing but is also a curse. IMO that is why Unity is still slower than Unreal in pretty much all complex games. C++ is hard but is fast. This *I hope* should open some eyes.
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  12. Scripting together with script-based systems is already plenty for allowing mappers to make scripted setups in their maps, in my experience. It's more for people in your situation who want to alter how the game itself functions where being able to code would pay off big time, creating all kinds of new script effects. You can of course open a ticket and hope somebody else implements that, but as it's a community project the most certain and fastest way to make something happen is to contribute it yourself. In particular as someone who's already shown potential in the form of your scripted addon.
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  13. TDM is in El Reg https://www.theregister.com/2020/12/26/linux_game_development_scene/
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