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  1. Merry Christmas everyone .
  2. I've finish this mission I like the atomosphere and the story, I can't wait for the next ones. I confess I miss my rope arrows to climb on some parts of teh maps, but I can live with that .
  3. Congratz on the release, will give it a look .
  4. Hello everyone how are you guys ? I wish to everyone of this forum an excelent Happy New Year full of joy, happiness, love and prosperity. May Trickster give us all inspiration for more missions .
  5. Hello guys, can anyone giving me a hit abot the paddlock key? I'm sure I am on the right place but it doesn't open :S.
  6. Hello everyone. I have played the game, and I enjoy it. Alpha Protocolo I would say it's an RPG with soothing elements, sadly of course in PS3 the graphics aren't that espectacular, but a game I can say play it. Have good writting and some interesting characters. I woudl say that te options the game offer you to approch characters works well.
  7. Hello, I have tried this mission and I like it also, my first ghostable mission on drakMod XD yet... I have to find the 250 lot that I'm missing. Keep on good work Sotha.
  8. Silent Hill should be over. It's a great game at least in my opinion the 1st, 2nd and 3th, the rest didn't caught my atention. Asking to comming back I think it's a risk unless the original Silent Hill team could come back, but the memembers made clear they are done with this franchise.
  9. The two games I am spectating badly are: Withcer3 and Cyberpunk2077 I know they will take time and such but I am a patient person, the more they tale time means they care about products. I know sometimes isn't the case and some games end up bad.
  10. Sad news. Rest in piece Rob Williams.
  11. Gz on release, will play it .
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