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  1. I've been thinking alot about indentations in the last time.

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    2. Dragofer


      It's as if there were this near-imperceptible whisper carried by the wind, and suddenly indentation takes up my thoughts.

    3. datiswous


      Soon there will be an Indentation Guild in TDM. If you manage to sneak into their meeting place, you hear constant talk about the subject and see plenty of example code in their library.

      In one of the missions you are asked to sneak into a rival library and indent all their books for the greater good.

    4. Wellingtoncrab


      We should probably skip the guild and immediately splinter into factions.

      The “Tabans” - squalid and chaotic pests who worship the the “Tabster” and the righteous “Spacerites” - rigid puritans who follow the path and virtues of “The Master Indenter”.

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