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  1. For some inspiration, visit Bruges and Gent in Belgium. And at night-time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl6e32sdNFo Gent: At night-time:
  2. Where can we find that tower, Neonstyle? It looks like the Disney's Tower of Terror
  3. i see activating notarget in TDM, as playing soccer, without a ball. what's the fun of it? so, set your difficulty settings lower and learn.
  4. @stgatilov what do you think about this one? the posters above and I got the same problem. other fileconfig settings works. i could not find any messages about this in console. admin, move topic to techsupport.
  5. De bergkerk (mountain church) in Deventer, the Netherlands. in 3D: https://p3d.in/F1vSw And in google streetview: link.
  6. thanks. please post this info in the music & sfx subforum. For new music, do it like me: download a midi file of a song you like, import it to LMMS, replace the instruments with medieval sound samples (or vst's) and export to ogg. And then in DR, combine that song with the bar ambience sounds. > instant classic playing in a full pub/inn.
  7. I dont know if the following is mentioned. (I couldn't find this using forums search) For some inspiration, Did you took a look at kozGit's project DOOM-3-BFG-VR project on git? video:
  8. I (and we) dont care. Why? See chakkman's opinion at topic whispering hills and thief in skyrim and also see this video about forum Etiquette: (for you Kurshok, from 0:54 to 1:09)
  9. Some public art in a pont of University of Twente, Enschede, The netherlands. "The little tower of Drienerlo" Google streetview: link Video:
  10. move the tdm folder where you have write permissions or set the write permissions. for example: move the tdm folder to your documents folder. Or place the tdm folder where ever you want and set the write permissions correctly. from the wiki: To read and write data in the tdm folder, give all the users the system permission to do this: Locate the dark mod folder. right click on the darkmod folder > preferences > tab "security > edit > select users > full control > ok > ok.
  11. Some years ago I showed Bikerdude my hometown in de Netherlands, Deventer. I found a video on youtube, where somebody walks around this city in our old city streets, after a winter storm. Take a look at this video: Some inspirational parts: from 0:00 - 4:21, 7:04 - 12:58, 13:10 - 23:58, 26:36 (hotel where bikerdude stayed at).
  12. I dont have any problems with clicking on the download links on our mainsite (those links pointing to the tdm updater at taaki's server) (using chrome 88.0.4324.104, windows 64,, using at 10:50 AM CET, 30 January .) Maybe some downtime at taaki's? Of something wrong with oldmantenno's browser/system) There are several ways to download "2.08" from the mainpage, (or exactly the tdm updater.) Take a look also at TDM's MODDB download page and other mirrors, to download the updater or full version of 2.08. Or use the version selector from the coming (and new) TDM installer,
  13. for some inspiration: How about adding the hands and objects interactions from skyrim vr to this vr mod?
  14. yes, but to me, that remake is TDM. We need people/creators to know that.
  15. Just want to say that I tried the fltk gui designer and have get used to the controls. (To me, the controls are very annoying, compared with other gui desingers) But i learned about this desinger much, like: to make the GUI/Window of the tdm installer smaller, start by making the tdm installer image-banner smaller (or re-sizeable). Then compare & change the tdm installer fltk-button sizes, with winforms buttons sizes. For me this takes time, because of the desinger controls.
  16. Well I would like to give it a try, but i (and others) dont have readonly acces to the svn to download the files. Would be nice to have them. - edit - And they are. Just Open your webbrowser to svn.thedarkmod.com (you be pointed to a public trunk) and navigate manually to the files. Fluid.exe: at public trunk Guifluidautogen.fl :at tdm installer folder in public trunc As an alternative, the FLTK designer installer and an instruction video can be found here: FLTK designer Installer (for version 1.3.2, windows) and installation instructions: courses.cs.washington.edu FLTK designer Installerpackes for linux: repo instruction yt video: An Introduction To Using FLTK's GUI Builder "Fluid"
  17. yes, first try to run the linux binary. (there is also an AUR.) more info, read: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation If you use the linux binary and still get ingame crashes, try to find a darkmod.log file in your tdm folder (or inside the tdm fm folder) and post it contents here. or change some settings, so the game generates a log. more info read article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Debugging_TDM_systemerrors and if you want to run tdm on wine, read the following article to get some pointers: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation
  18. The only thing I can do, and did, is adding a Gentoo section on the Installer and Manual installation wiki page
  19. Thanks for building this package. It would be nice if you can publisch this package to one of the main gentoo repo's if any. Like people did with TDM packages for opensuse and archlinux. To update your packages, where needed, take a look at: Manual installation instructions on the wiki Alberto Salvia Novella -  Linux system wide installer
  20. ok. And what if an automatically chosen mirror, is up but doesnt work good/fast?
  21. Nice work, works great. What I only miss (for now) are some visual things, like: The slashes inside the file-path (and folder selection). In windows they need to be displayed like backslashes, not forward slashes. a method to select other tdm-mirrors. (where is tdm_mirrors.txt?) Textlabels next to the progressbars, during the download. (see example above) (And thanks for adding the additional progressbars) Unhide the empty progressbars, when they have nothing to do. (so the user can see and knows there are some steps are coming) an "100% - Done" textlabel inside the progressbars, when they are done. A final-status progress bar.
  22. > move topic to TDM tech support forum.
  23. How about enabling "vsync" in TDM's video settings? (source)
  24. I love the idea to link files and i know this works great with TDM.. I PM'ed stgatilov suggested this some months ago ====== Freyk - April 10: About that recurring TDM folder permissions problem. And following the Certification requirements for windows apps What you think about placing some data folders and files outside the tdm folder and add locationspath's in the config file? for example, following os standards for windows: the fm folder and darkmod.cfg inside windows appdata folder. For linux: fm folder and darkmod.cfg in hidden folder inside users home folder /home/user/.tdm/ ---------- stgatilov It is all great and cool with standards, but the current layout has major benefits. It can be installed without admin rights. It can be moved or copied and will continue to work (portability). It is much simpler conceptually (one dir = whole game, no googling for where this bastard stores saves). It already works and has worked for ages. So I will be strongly against dropping it. Recently Cabalistic looked into the question of paths and how to support saves/FMs in separate directory. As far as I remember, he concluded that it is hard. And you know, Cabalistic is a very capable developer that we are lucky to have with us. Moreover, maintaining both approaches would be a huge pain both for us and for users (because one of the paths --- and I know which --- will get broken regularly). I guess path system was changed somewhere around TDM 2.00 last time, and I recall still fixing issues with it for 2.06. I hope this gives you the scope of problems which usually arise from changing path conventions. So speaking of TDM, those standards can go to hell, and I don't care. By the way, I guess I already said that most games are installed with steam, which also does not care about Program Files. Aside from that, I plan a few changes to tdm_updater for the next beta. The most important one is to display warning on start if user has admin rights (more precisely, if the process integrity level is high or above), encouraging the user to restart it as normal user. Also some better handling of file writing error in a few places. The error messages would suggest installing TDM somewhere where user can normally create files, e.g. C:\games\TheDarkMod, and explicitly discourage from Program Files. I hope this would help to shift players into the right mindset. ============
  25. nice to have. Next to the old and new tdm installer, repo packages, etc. i have not read your code yet. Does this installer follow the installation instructions from wiki article: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Installer_and_Manual_Installation
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