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  1. Otherside Entertainment (a new gaming company featuring some looking glass studio members) just announce on their kick starter for their new Ultima game that Stephen Russell has signed on for voice acting!!! How awesome :)

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    2. Melan


      This is a discussion for a forum topic, but...


      1) Whatever Underworld ends up as, it will be a B title, not an AAA one.


      2) Assume a generous 1.5 year dev cycle for both games plus half a year of preparations for the next KS. That's 3.5 years before it even becomes a possibility.


      3) Thief just had a 100-million-dollars AAA game. It's unlikely anybody could pay for the license.


      4) Modern engines have real problems with editing. TDM still does...

    3. Melan


      ...BSP, which is more newbie-friendly.


      5) We should instead convince the Otherside people to *join usssss now* and make a new Thiefy game with TDM as a base. ;)

    4. SeriousToni
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