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  1. check your PM, i sent a new rig and partially weighted head to check out and see if it's on the right track.
  2. Well, that was before I ever had a computer, and the newer games weren't out yet I think I started playing them right when #2 came out, played 1 then 3 and maybe gold after that.
  3. I always loved TR on the playstation, but I tried a more recent one on the keyboard and wasn't digging it. I think one of these days I need to get a controller, kick back and try some games. (I bought an Prince of Persia (liked the first on console) but never played past the first part for the same reason)
  4. you could make it spin too so that would further distort the players view
  5. quote= it's not that far off... *couldn't find the post to quote Well, those posted pic by biker after that really look nothing like it. They have structure all the way up the walls. Not just one huge brick wall 200 feet high. They have windows and arches... Much more interesting and also believable as there is actually something there. There is only the canal pic, the pic looking up at the tower and the cathedral that have anything near that scale. Everything else is 3 stories max and MUCH more interesting. Also more believable. This last posted pic is the best, it has a grand scale arch there that makes the player feel really small, and the proportions make it very believable. Concept artist very often go overboard, then when you see it in game it is actually much tamer and realstic. It helps them push the mapper towards a more interesting scene but the mapper has to get good gameplay areas set in place. I still disagree, part of it isn't only looks but gameplay space. Like I said in TF2 it would give soly and demos room to jump around. In TDM from the ground level all you would see is one huge tiling wall of small stones. From the camera position the scene is interesting but would it be from the playable area? Likewise, I doubt I would like it anymore from night lighting than daytime lighting. It would just be a huge wall of stone in the dark. What's going to make it so interesting? A few little dots of yellow where there are windows? They are too far away from anything to light anything else up (ground/other walls). A couple street lamps lighting up a tiny portion of the wall and some ground? You'd barely be able to see any stars. Just some huge dark walls. A large part of the scene is that the huge walls (with a few windows) imply that there are inside spaces. But they only put 1 small window on every other floor? Why would they build a 100 foot wall to stick a 10 foot tudor place on top? Not knocking biker's rendition, I already said he did a good job recreating it. Just saying the concept is not that great to begin with. It's over done and over exaggerated. (though I could nitpick things like the over hang tudor... there's no way those little and very long planks would hold the weight of that and the roof...If that concept/map shot were shown at polycount it would be ripped apart for the inconsistancies) Whether or not you like to have realistic proportions in TDM or not. Overdoing exaggeration that much looks pretty bad imo.
  6. Can't tell you specifics but that dynamic ambient light IS all about zones. So yes by rooms he means zones. *Tels did all this if i remember correctly. Pretty sure that the added multiplier is per light . I doubt Tels would have set it up so it stacked to .15. The cutoff is .01. He's pretty meticulous about his work and testing it. And I've never noticed really bright ambient set ups in any maps.
  7. Me too, the city hub is fine with me. T3 probably could have pulled it off better but it's a nice idea. It's that 'time off between jobs'. It's actually an idea I was working on for a t2 campaign thing that never quite came to be. If done right I think it could make for a great campaign. Typical campaigns feel a bit linear, due to being locked into one mission area at a time. This helps break that and make you feel like you are working a large surrounding area instead of going on a quest.
  8. Awesome. We always need voices. The first one was really good, a righteous english prick Would be a great vocal set for a noble man. The old man was good too, surprised it's the same person. Can you do an old english (err european) chap? The King one was awesome too, that would be great for a voice over in a video after an assasination by poison mission. The echos might have been a bit much, but I guess that depends on how the video was done.
  9. One small issue left with the texture but I'm calling these done. Spent too much time fighting myself on it. Still need to make smaller versions and entities for LODs. Waiting to hear back from a PM to Tels on that, anyone hear from him lately? Basically want to see if we can change the LOD code for lowest settings to just force a lower model detail, and quite possibly just force the highest details for the highest settings. That would still leave 3 stages in the middle to swap models at distance. Not sure about sizes though... it's a lot of work to rescale and make sure everything is aligned properly and whatnot (especially with all the pieces). I'm contemplating 3 sizes for pillars (these are the size of the current 'huge' pillars). maybe one 75% of this size and one 75% of that. But most likely I won't do more than 2 sizes of pieces (that's 12 LOD's). I also want to add a few broken pieces.
  10. our pagan should have a decent torso shouldn't it?
  11. Baddcog


    This seems more like something one map would have rather than game wide imo. Much like the keepers in T2 Equilibrium. They went invis in shadows and the player had to avoid them. It's a cool idea for a werewolf FM. But it doesn't need to be mod wide, if anyone else did it they could use the same system. S&R would be the way to go. I would recommend several stink stims. Stink_light would be a large radius and would trigger sniffing. Stink_medium would trigger more alert/searching. Stink_heavy would be full alert. Say maybe 5-8 feet away from player? There could be a stink bomb that would draw the wolf away, much like a noise arrow. Maybe even noise arrow mechanic as a base, but the player would see a gas cloud, not hear noise. Maybe a water stim on the player would cancel the stink stim for a time period. couple minutes?
  12. Not like I'm the one that suggested it anyway. I only put my name in the ring as a possible contestant because the original deadline was moved back (I only started weeks ago). Really doesn't matter to me either way, I'm just plugging along on a map whether it's done or not...
  13. SomeTaff, Nice screens, the areas are cool but I agree, the lack of textures makes it pretty bland. Might be realistic actually, old places were made from local materials and all... But even putting in a large stone texture for foundations (I don't think tall buildings like that would stand very long being all small stones anyway) could break it up alot and give a lot more vertical interest. Even having some tudor rooms jutting out up high would help a lot. Adding some wood elements. If you need some help figuring out street portalling before you get too far let me know. You really don't have to worry about how tall they are. That tut linked above shows how you can fake rooftops and stuff easily. In my current project I have actually been going pretty tall with portals. Your streets are narrow (and twisty) enough you shouldn't have any problem getting it optimized very well.
  14. Yeah sometimes that building just needs erected to keep progressing no matter how badly you want to avoid it
  15. updated with skins and light entities
  16. That's what or sky is, just doesn't work that great for a nice skyline.
  17. Well, I had THAT set up working and in a test map, possibly test/skybox on the SVN at one point. The issue though was it bobbed with your head, so that breaks it.
  18. I did watch the video, I also played with the whole skybox thing a long time ago. 'moving with the player', what other context is there? If it 'moves' with the player it moves. If it doesn't... The issue WE need to fix is to have a stationary skybox that doesn't 'bob and weave' with the players head. --- I've been saying that for years but nobody seems interested. If we want good rooftop missions we NEED it.
  19. TF2 and HL2 DON'T move the skybox realative to the player. It's fixed to the rest of the world so a building can be in skybox and at the map boundries and there isn't anything weird happening. I get that it might be a 'cinematic' thing. But it just looks plain wrong. When I walk I don't want a tower following me, I want to see it's position relative to the world.
  20. Why do you want the skybox to move with the player? It should be fixed to the terrain (houses don't move because they are far away) Just like the moon, you want them to stay put for a 'proper' skybox. This is the weirdest thing I have ever heard, making the skybox move so it stays with player? That breaks the illusion that it is far away stuff.
  21. You could contribute it to prefabs so anyone can save some time and slap in it their map. I'd love to use that a space filler (large city streets take tso long)
  22. Yeah thanks for the design lesson. Yeah yeah, games aren't reality, blah blah. This scene as it is would fit perfectly into TF2, a game of comical proportions. TDM is based on realistic design. Nothing wrong with a little over exaggeration, But hyper proportions like that just can't be taken seriously.
  23. alright: opinions needed. Figured I'd try without the bevels also knocked down a few polys on the trims and reshaped the bottom. middle one has same poly count, just made the bevels a lot smaller. right one has no bevels (big poly reduction), texture breaks at sections but they are noticeable with a plain texture. Still think I prefer the original with the new trims.
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