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  1. Thank you but we already have the testing team set up. We plan to release the mission soon, though!
  2. Thanks for volunteering! The thread is over here. If you don't have access to the beta testing forum yet (kingsal?), Bikerdude can grant you access.
  3. Like it says on the tin. We are close to starting the beta, and we are looking for a few people to test the mission. This is a large, open-ended city mission with multiple ways to complete your objectives. It may also be a bit hardware-intensive, although less than PD2.
  4. My problem is that the first version of the belcher is too thin and anemic, while the second is too brutal, too massive. Neither of them capture the essence of the burrick, which is more creepy than genuinely frightening, and has a slightly pig-like character. The oddity is missing from these two attempts. (And of course, neither of them got implemented.)
  5. Oh. So that was the reason! It drove me crazy when I couldn't find the cause of the problem...
  6. Replaying Requiem: every bit as good as I remembered! :)

  7. I recall there are spawnargs you can give an AI that will change their name when carried, depending on their state. E.g. instead of a "Body", it is called "Sven", and instead of a "Corpse", it is called "Sven's Corpse". Abyone remember how they are called?
  8. I don't think it is as big as BCD, and it is not as vertical as, say, PD2 or any of Skacky's recent missions. It is a comfortably large and not particularly difficult exploration-focused mission that goes for open-endedness and replayability. It did not start as particularly ambitious, but after a lot of false starts and hand-wringing, eventually grew into its present size and complexity. Now that we've hit the entity limit, though, it is time to finish it up and commence testing.
  9. William Steele! I am looking forward to playing another WS mission! And from PD3, no screenshots anymore, but here is the loading screen (still subject to slight changes):
  10. Thanks, Greebo! The best just keeps getting better...
  11. Bikerdude: Are you using Windows Explorer?
  12. You could also create a small visportalled conduit to channel the sound to the location you want. (This may get performance-intensive, though)
  13. Which reminds me, CREATURES (a.k.a. Clyde Radcliffe Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-ridden Slime) had an excellent soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDDkxfJCB9Y ...which was followed by an even better one in CREATURES II: Torture Trouble: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6bIpXvt0wxo /
  14. The Nethack DevTeam has been going strong since 1987 (that's almost 29 years!), and they released the most recent build last December. It can be done.
  15. That calls for a Moddb article, doesn't it?
  16. That's excellent news!
  17. There were kinda-sorta working fire elementals somewhere, no?
  18. This is interesting. In the editor, there is both a sound_loss and a snd_loss property. These show up as different types of properties: What does this mean?
  19. The limit is actually 8192 entities. My current map is at 6764 entities, and it is a rather large one. The limit has been reached by multiple released and WIP maps. With regards to your ideas, most of those things can be done, just be aware that there is a point in making a mission where there is a huge spike in difficulty - you have to create new assets, become skilled in multiple fields at once (e.g. scripting, not quite the same as building terrain). My advice is to start on a relatively small scale, and build outwards. You don't need to make a small and unambitious map first, because a lot of people have started with complex and very advanced projects (see the recently released missions, Moonbo's Requiem, or Kvornig's map). But before you plan out a huge, multi-mission campaign, learn the basic functions well, and release a single mission of, say, medium size and complexity. Afterwards, you will know your strengths and weaknesses; and you will have learned enough to make building the next mission even better.
  20. Intriguing! What is it with new authors delivering such amazing-looking missions right out of the gate? :cool: Unfortunately, I can't test right now, since time is kinda tight, but I am looking forward to playing it!
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