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  1. Even though I've been absent a long while, I still find myself dreamily wishing for the free time to do TDM mission development. When working on new research projects I'll find myself involuntarily thinking, "hee hee this could be a fun texture or readable or bit of map architecture." Or I find myself absentmindedly responding out loud to odd noises with a drunkguard-like "must've been rats!"

    1. datiswous


      If you had the time, what would you like to work on?

    2. The Black Arrow

      The Black Arrow

      An amazing little mission, we can all hope 😀

    3. Mortem Desino

      Mortem Desino

      "Little mission" is exactly the right advice. :) I have the same issue in writing: I need to learn how to condense, condense, condense.

      Another example: Whenever I research ecclesiastical history, I've got a nagging voice in the back of my head, asking, "Could there possibly be a parallel event in the Builder's Church?"

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