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  1. Did something changed in the latest dev 2.10 dev16330-9508 version about bindless textures? I didn't updated my AMD RX 570X driver and when I enabled bindless textures before they were broken and today just because, I enabled it and textures are fine! Are you guys just silently disabling the feature in AMD GPU's now or is it really working? How can I tell?
  2. Not sure if this is what you wanted or if TDM engine as something better but idtech 4 does have the ability too blend two materials, afaik only two, using Black and white (RGBA) vertex colors painted unto the mesh, was used on Doom 3 for many Mars and hell terrain models. https://modwiki.dhewm3.org/VertexColor_(Material_stage_keyword) https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DrVertexBlend_(tutorial) https://web.archive.org/web/20080418194854/http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=12067 The ability to use terrain masking, to support more than two materials, like what Quake Wars used for their terrain, would be awesome but alas no source code for us to see how they did it. Apart from the later the only other option more or less possible, that I personally know, is painting all the materials you want, in blender (or other 3D tool) and bake them down into a single texture, than if possible, use the unfinished Mega Texturing system, to display this huge, baked single terrain texture, in small chunks very fast but afaik that code was removed entirely from the TDM engine. Without MT or unless someone implements virtual texturing into TDM, unfortunately, this means that with this technique, only very small terrain peace's are viable, why, because this can create a huge terrain texture that even with compression, could have many GB of size (depending on resolution and compression used), and so be very heavy, specially for older GPU's, with low amounts of VRAM space. Btw perhaps something like this is now possible in TDM? Perhaps using a GLSL shader? Or can it be replicated using the existing material system?
  3. Congrats man that is very cool to get the recognition you deserve, hope is not very hard to bring it to TDM.
  4. I see no fade in/out, in that test map the entities just blink out of existence do I have to turn something on? edit: ho I see it now, is obviously not alpha blending but alpha testing, like used on the Doom 3 monsters and peter_spy example, but works fine. I will need to try harder it seems.
  5. That looks very good, like I said, I did a bad job and that proves it.
  6. You are right, the doom 3 like effect I used was bad for LODing but I concede that I may just have done a bad job, I tried some other alpha textures but it just looked strange and not a smooth transition like I wanted, so I gave up. Others may make it look and work well anyone is free to try.
  7. Is this fade in and out even possible? I know almost nothing about rendering but I tried to do it, in Dhewm3 and no matter what i tried, it just didn't worked, the only alpha fading, I could do was on lights and material colors, alpha was always totally invisible or visible, there was no in-between. The only "fade" I could easily do, was the normal monster burn effect used on Doom 3, but is bad for LODing and like I said uses alpha testing, not alpha fading. Perhaps you need a shader for this that Doom 3 and Dewm3 engine lacks? Btw this seems very strange, when you have the translucent option, but it seems to be a hack and objects with it on, do not interact with light, bad for grass, it stays full bright in shadow, but I could be totally wrong and just not knowing how to do it, very probable, like I said, I'm not a graphics/rendering guy. Also Quake Wars engine seems to do LODing using a technique called alpha dithering, not alpha fading, if you guys extract the quake wars assets, you will see in Textures/common the various dither textures they use for the fading affect, to my ignorant eyes, seems to be used just for a texture animation, where you change a alpha mask texture for one with more and more pixels disabled, and small and small in size, in a grid like pattern.
  8. HMart

    Doom 3 Sequel?

    I love horror games, some of my favorites are those from Frictional games and Silent Hill so I agree, the fact that someone likes or not horror games, could influence the preference of Doom 3 over the older and new Doom's.
  9. HMart

    Doom 3 Sequel?

    Yes I played Prey 2006 and Quake 4, finished both more than once, but this is because both followed more less the Doom 3 formula, with their own special sauce, being Prey the most unique in that regard with the portal stuff. About Doom eternal never played it, so I can't say much about it but based on the videos I saw, looked more of the same from Doom 2016 just in a greater scale.
  10. HMart

    Doom 3 Sequel?

    I completely love Doom 3, it was my first introduction to the Doom franchise, so sad that idSoftware decided to go back to its, Serious Sam like roots. Just to put things in perspective, I finished Doom 3, 10 times or more, start to finish, while Doom 2016, I never finished one single time, found it to be repetitive and boring, never bought Doom Eternal because of it. Doom 3 to me was like a movie experience, a somewhat serious, more mature game, for example the Doom 3 marine, was a normal man, put into a unusual situation that pushed him to its limits, modern doom is like a arcade kiddies game, where you are a literal super hero that everyone should fear and the player ego goes through the roof because "YOU ARE THE SLAYER!!!", some may like this but personally I don't.
  11. Not trying to start a flame war or a fanboyish debate here but IMO that is a really huge exaggeration, AMD drivers aren't THAT bad, specially when I have a AMD GPU and know how good or bad it is, in general in D3D and Vulkan games, it works perfectly, in OpenGL games is hit or miss, so yes their OpenGL support could be better or at lest comparable to Nvidia but going from, not that good OpenGL support, to "Absolutely Miserable Drivers corporation" is a really big jump. And not trying to imply anything here, but I just have to say and I swear for my mother life that I love very much that the AMD drivers I have used in the last 5 years, have been fine in pretty much all games I play, apart from a single recent feature on TDM, Bindless Textures, hell I work in my spare time, on Dhewm 3 engine, a idtech 4, OpenGL based engine, like TDM, as you know and it "just works", even other OpenGL games like the ones from Frictional Games, work well, no obvious broken graphical features (perhaps they don't use BT's?), this on windows, don't know about Linux. Again I'm not implying anyone is doing a bad job in TDM engine I hope that is clear. /// And about FSR, I have tried it on this game demo and it worked just fine, when playing a 1440p or higher, in quality or ultra quality FSR level, unfortunately playing in 1080p (the rez that I play the most), even at ultra FSR quality, was obviously inferior to the native 1080p image (it is essentially upscaling a 720p image to 1080p, the information is just not there).
  12. This person also add problems with BT on some AMD laptop GPU's and was able to solve it by doing the following Is this something you guys are aware?
  13. I remember that thread very well but somehow I didn't associated it with what totallytubular was asking, most be tired...
  14. sikkmod for Doom 3 afaik has post process godrays, so is apparently possible the problem, is that afaik he modified the engine c++ code to support that and his shaders are ARB and not GLSL... cabalistic, not that I'm a expert in this stuff but I don't see why a single directional light, couldn't be marked has the "sun" direction and its light origin, used for the effect, could be done perhaps by requiring that it be named that particular name, "sun". I assume not many mission developers over used directional lights perhaps one or two are used and I assume a few even name it "sun" but I could be totally wrong.
  15. Perhaps you guys already know this but if not, idSoftware recommends this svars when testing visporteling: They really stress disabling scissoring, you can see it in bold at the page bottom.
  16. That is what I understand of what he is asking as well, so is not a problem in your example, I just don't understand what a T shape portal configuration would accomplish.
  17. Unless I'm missing something, I don't think that portal configuration does anything useful, to me it pretty much makes the purple portal useless.
  18. In the topic of SMAA, not sure if true but this link says this about it.
  19. AMD driver forced MLAA, unfortunately is only for D3D9/10/11 games, it does a nice job at removing jaggies, unfortunately has the bad biproduct of making text in GUI's distorted but that imo, is because of being forced and not directly implemented in the game. I seem to recall at lest of one game that came with MLAA in the options, I think it was Dishonored 2 but I'm not sure, where that text distortion doesn't happen.
  20. Based on what I read, it is a tad slower than FXAA but is obviously way faster than MSAA or SSAA. Btw you can try it on x86/D3D games with this injector but based on the link bellow, it can be implemented in OpenGL. Here is a example implementation for OpenGL
  21. What about SMAA? Invented by Crytek and some Spanish university, can't confirm but some sources say it looks better than FXAA.
  22. I agree, seems like a bug more than a feature. But fortunately, in idtech4 is easy to detect overlapping mesh's, instead of the ugly z-fighting error that you normally get in this situation, they become overbright, this was even used for a time by idSoftware has a way to do a "poor man" item highlighting.
  23. HMart

    Atari VCS...

    Could the situation about steam in the quote bellow that bohr1more talked about on MODDB, prevent TDM to be on a Atari machine also?
  24. The creative patente has expired https://patents.google.com/patent/US6384822B1/en imo no need to worry about if is invalid or not. But based on this quote from dhewm3 engine using the "Carmarck's Reverse" trick will not bring better performance.
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