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  1. The Clock Face and text is the logo for The Dark Mod, this is for Broken Glass Studios the name we use for the Modding team. Two separate things. Nothing would be changed.
  2. Tyrot did the music, the fancy animated graphics, and the overall editing. I captured the ingame footage of flying through the city mockup. There is artwork by spring and models by oddity.
  3. I think it was because the iD software history of releasing engine source code was a big motivation...that and the SDK release gave a reasonable amount of early access to the internals of the engine. There was also the Source Code being available for GTK Radiant as well, which supported Doom 3 map format. There is some interesting history with id software and the Dark Engine as well. If I remember correctly, the creator of The Dark Engine was heavily inspired by the Quake 3 engine. Some old Quake 3 engine code made it into the Doom 3 Engine as well. In a small way, it's like there is a relation between the two engines. So it kind of feels right that TDM ended up using idtech 4.
  4. He's a classical guitarist if I remember correctly.
  5. This was the year before my Dad passed away. I remember being out at their place that Christmas, sitting at the kitchen table while they slept, well after midnight, slowly uploading this video over dialup. lol
  6. Nope, that's the character model that oDDity created.
  7. They're using the exact same process. We use a model like that too
  8. They say this only happened after updating to 2.06 though, so i don't think it's user error.
  9. Also, if it's literally brightening the ambient lights, then that is going to affect gameplay.
  10. Maybe I don't understand what is being done but isn't that kind of a bad thing?
  11. The other thing not being considered is Dark Radiant. It has been custom designed from the ground up for making TDM missions. The old Radiant code base we started with was bare bones and basic. So switching to another engine also means building the editor support systems all over again. TDM is two separate projects. Grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence, but the best path is to keep improving idtech 4. Plenty of life left in it.
  12. Given the current state of the Thief modding community, i don't believe there are enough active content makers to support a split like that. It would literally have to be one platform or the other. Maybe if Eidos were to come along with a Thief game that resonated with the community the way the first two did, well...that might give it a shot in the arm but I think people have just moved on. I think TDM is doing quite well to update idtech 4.
  13. Ahh, I had forgotten it switched. Regardless, switching engines is still a moot point at this stage.
  14. Porting to a completely different engine is not a simple task. You can't just take code from TDM, drop it into Unity or Unreal and have it work out of the box. It would be years of work, essentially starting over and when it was done, you couldn't play any of the existing missions in it. From what I recall, Unreal and Unity are subtractive based engines, so the D3 additive built missions would just be left behind. It wouldn't be TDM, it would be a brand new Thief inspired modding platform. The time for porting to anything other than what we have would have been within the first year of TDM development, so probably back in 2005. So, no. There is no discussion.
  15. Hmmm, is this for real? Feels a bit like a baiting post from a new user who has posting nothing but this one topic.
  16. The lighting should not be any darker than previous versions, if it is then that sounds like a bug or your ingame menu settings changed.
  17. The situation had nothing to do with maps being stolen or repurposed. It was more about making changes to the maps far beyond optimizing them for performance. Making creative changes to the lighting after the mapper had specifically lit areas a certain way for gameplay. These were maps that had not yet been released. While Bikers work in terms of offering to help optimize were always appreciated, charging ahead and making unwanted creative changes were not appreciated.
  18. I would say since it's not meant to be environmental, then it shouldn't have reverb. The original intent should be upheld.
  19. Not a fan of encumbrance in a game like this. You're essentially punishing the player for doing the very thing we want them to do, collect all the loot. It would also encourage killing the AI to avoid being caught. It's a gameplay choice for those reasons, and probably more. Once you start mucking around with that stuff, you're essentially making a different game.
  20. I am constantly amazed at just how robust dark radiant has becomee. Thanks for continuing to make DR the best of the best Greebo.
  21. Had you tried just lowering the volume in the sound shader to see if that helped?
  22. What are the default tdm_lg_interleave settings these days? Having tdm_lg_interleave set to anything beyond 2 always caused stutter for me and very similar deep dips in fps. As long as I kept tdm_lg_interleave set to 2, I only saw the 1fps dip. I thought that issue had been smoothed out somewhere along the way, but this looks quite suspicious.
  23. I don't know how they would even be able to do it, considering there is no access to the T3 Editor source code. The darn thing is locked up tight.
  24. Enemy territory Quake Wars had a handy feature where you could build environments ingame out of as many textures / materials as you wanted, and then you ran some type of function to essentially bake them into a single texture / UV map. So an environment piece with 20 textures initially, would then be merged into a single texture. Always wished it would have been possible to port that functionality into the TDM engine.
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