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  1. A lot of Looking Glass Studios people are with Otherside Entertainment. It's an LGS reunion of sorts.
  2. I'm going to try it but it's not out until August 29th on Steam.
  3. From the sound of it, I wouldn't be able to run Vulkan on anything I have at home.
  4. Seriously? Abandonware after just having a pretty big release not long ago, and the next revision gearing up? Not to mention a brand new release of the Dark Radiant editor. What utter nonsense.
  5. Just a place to discuss threading implementation in the engine....concerns / benefits!
  6. I'm going to create a separate thread to discuss the potential threading changes.
  7. Not over thinking is fine and all, but it's something that is asked of game players band movie goers more and more. The products churned out and label entertainment are not entertainment to me. There is a mentality afoot that tends to put down the desire for thought provoking entertainment. "It's just a movie, shut off your brain". I just can't buy into that. Why can't they make better crafted products instead? lol
  8. Nope. There are no crouch footsteps in TDS. One of the producers of the game insisted that should be none. They did exist early I'm development, and the dev I talked to tried his best to find a reasonable volume for them, but the code to support them was completely removed.
  9. I could not endorse locking down assets. It opposes the spirit of what has been built here.
  10. Player_cough was for when the player got caught in a gas cloud, like his own gas arrow or other poisonous gas. You're saying the sound file isn't there?
  11. I would really like to try it, but I can't afford to buy it right now. Someday...
  12. If you antivirus programs running, make sure they're not blocking it. They can be quite aggressive. Also, if your antivirus performs 'love scanning' then it's going to be scanning each file as it comes in. I've seen this bring downloads to a standstill.
  13. I have no idea to be honest! lol Not my area, which is why I asked.
  14. I'm assuming the frob highlighting stages are still required if you want a material to highlight when a player looks at an item that can be used or picked up. Anyone feel free to correct me if that's no longer relevant though, I haven't paid close attention to all the major code changes.
  15. Does the script add the material stages for from highlighting and ambient lighting stages?
  16. I had a huge hate on for copperplate gothic when I was working as a graphic designer a few years back. Back in the 90's, it seemed to have been the favourite typeface of every business here in town. lol Drove me crazy.
  17. Why? I'm genuinely curious? There are issues to figure out, it could be awhile, and the game is easily available without the use of Steam.
  18. Life outside of hobbydom as far as we know.
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