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  1. Did you try updating your installation of Dark Mod? You can use tdm_update.exe in the darkmod folder to update to the latest version (currently 2.02)
  2. Good to know someone found it! MacLeod pretty much just makes music, tons of it. Every genre and style imaginable. Thanks! I'm still playing through your mission, very neat stuff!
  3. We decided to make the loot placement a bit trickier then in most missions, because it's not a mandatory objective. This way those who enjoy scrounging for secrets can have a self-imposed challenge trying to find all the 500 loot, but no one will get stuck because of a loot limit.
  4. All credit on that goes to Kevin MacLeod, whose royalty free music collection I would suggest to other mappers as well. Also, might you be implying you found a certain super spooky secret?
  5. GTAV on PC confirmed to have full first-person mode. Looks amazing! http://www.vg247.com/2014/11/04/gta-5-first-person-mode-confirmed-for-ps4-xbox-one-pc/

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    2. jaxa
    3. Xarg


      5K would be amazing if Macs weren't terrible for gaming for their price. Hell, 4K has a 0.02% usage rate on the Steam hardware stats :|

    4. demagogue


      Cool. I want. @Anderson, there's a first person mod for GTA4 that's respectable.

  6. Here is an alternative link in case people are having trouble: Download exhumed.pk4 I'll ask Airship to update the OP once he gets back online.
  7. This was a ton of fun to build, and hopefully it will be a blast to play as well. To give a bit of background on how this was made: We first came up with a basic concept and layout, roughly decided what purpose each room should have, and then came up with a loose timeline of events in order to be able to make consistent readables and details in the map. After planning we simply passed the map back and forth hot-potato building it segment by segment. Once the general build was done, we continued through a number of detail rounds until we had the map in its final state. There were naturally a number of setbacks along the way, including sudden refusals of the map to compile and infuriatingly hard to locate leaks possibly caused by merging maps by copy-pasting large numbers of brushes. Still, this would probably be my preferred method of working on FMs in the future. It's absolutely fantastic to know that when you hit a slump or are too busy to work on the map, someone else will pick it right up. Once more thanks to AB, who was able to put so many hours into this during such a short timeframe. It was intense, but the results were worth it.
  8. I think the clip-clopping is there to give the player a better aural image of how much sound he is producing. Sure it's not realistic, but it makes perfect gameplay sense. And really, the footstep sounds in TDM are already much more subtle than those in Thief/Deus Ex. Edit: Regarding the topic - a slingshot seems unnecessary. We already have the bow, no need for a second projectile launcher. Also junk items can already be used as a distraction.
  9. Really nice. I love the yellow lights, gives it a very peculiar mood. Also, if you didn't yet figure out how to make those boats float in the waves from the Training Mission, you can also check Breaking out the Fence. IIRC the boats were just doors that get constantly triggered. Edit: The map with boats is Breaking Out. Thanks numbers
  10. Ran with 2x/8x like suggested, this time I got 39 FPS (compared to 43 before with higher settings). Bumping up AA and AS I get the same result, curious. Testing this a bit, I notice that there is quite a bit of FPS fluctuation when even slightly changing position in front of the table. Would it help to have a common save file that guarantees everyone has the exact same position?
  11. Here you go: FPS: 39 System: Radeon R9 280, Intel Core i5-3750k 3.40Ghz, 8gb DDR3-1666, Asrock H61M-HVS, Windows 7 Home Premium Driver: Catalyst 14.9 w/stock settings Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 Settings: AAx8, ASx16, V-Sync Off, Ambient Rendering-enhanced & Interaction shader-enhanced Also thanks for looking into this.
  12. That is a pretty good analogue. It's a real shame the second game was never released on PC, it was brilliant in its own right. Especially because of the part I guess I'll give Alien a whirl this weekend, been reading reviews and so far it sounds really intriguing. A bit System Shockish, even?
  13. kyyrma

    Thief 4

    I agree that the tools were interesting (I'm all about gadgets, which is why I've always been a bit more fond of Deus Ex than Thief...) but I dislike how they are used to wall the player from content. Instead of having multiple uses, the wire cutter, vent tool and rope arrows are all basically "keys" that allow you to unlock very specific obstacles. If a sequel does happen one day, I'd like to see the tools make a comeback, as long as they get more than one purpose and allow for some creativity on the players part!
  14. kyyrma

    Thief 4

    Been replaying NuThief recently, trying enjoy it as much as possible. I even purchased the companion app for iPad because someone told me that the lore unlocks would make the story make sense, but no such luck. My biggest gripe is how small the actual missions and heists are. Sure, the City is a big open thing, but it's just there for you to get from place A to B. The worst offender I think are the random houses in the City, which never have any people living in them. Where is the thrill of stealing when you just poke around yet another empty apartment for pens and inkwells?
  15. My apologies for not being around to respond to comments, been having a bit of a hiatus. Once I have the time, I'll go through this map with the latest TDM, figure out if things are broken and see if I can fix them.
  16. Be honest now, how scary is this game? I happened to get it for free along some other titles when upgrading my GPU, and I'm antsy to play it. However my nerves are shot up enough as it is with my current schedule, and I'm not sure if I want to wind down with something that pumps even more adrenaline in my bloodstream. Should I give it a go, or should I save it for a week off? For reference, my personal tolerance for terror is around the level of original Condemned: Criminal Origins. Usually can't stand games that don't give you any means of defending yourself.
  17. Winter nights are coming, and I've got that mapping bug again. Time to catch up on TDM!

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    2. kyyrma


      It's a contrast thing. Cold and miserable outside, warm and comfy inside. Nothing better than hot cocoa, a warm blanket and your favorite book/music/movie /game in wintertime.

    3. Airship Ballet
    4. Xarg


      That's very true - I just prefer my winter in the middle of the year, so when I get my weeks off at the end of the year, I can actually do something with them.

  18. Beneath the City is definitely one of the coolest entries. Some other highlights: The Westport Independent: sort of like Papers, Please! The Monastery: a really fantastic throwback to old SSI DnD games Water Hazard: RE/Alone in the Dark clone with authentic texture wrapping and polygonal errors. Also voice acting! Into the Abyss: a very basic platformer made by a handsome and smart person who enjoys TDM mapping
  19. The font would be the best long-term solution, even if it would be more work.
  20. Thank you for the detailed feedback. There were three people beta testing the level during a period of roughly a week before release, two from the forums and one a friend and a colleague IRL. It's possible however, that because I incorporated a lot of the testers ideas and also let them help out on the actual mapping here and there, they too might have developed blindness towards some issues. You never see anything wrong with your own baby after all. Despite all the testing its apparent that some rough edges remain, and I'm most puzzled by the objective logic acting up. The good thing is that there has been a lot of very constructive feedback, and I can look into patching the level into top form soon.
  21. I've had the issue a couple of times, and this has helped.
  22. I think in a last minute tweak they were made to glow on all difficulties. Can't check right now myself as I don't have TDM installed, but I seem to recall so!
  23. For the rest of who have played this level, could you second any of Sotha's experiences? I need some honest, brutal advice here, because if these issues exist I need to know so I can fix them: Ambient noises are too high, annoyingly so (I'm taking this must mean the rain effects) Voice acting is drowned out by ambient sounds Ambient sound doesn't fade out properly when indoors The surveilance camera alarms are set off unreliably (on the side path leading to the pier?) The target that has to be knocked-out doesn't react to the player, can't be knocked out Killing the fence does not fail the mission
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