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  1. Hi sparhawk, I wouldnt suggest changing the frequency, but rather the channel on which your wireless router / modem is running. Via www.portforward.com you can find almost any make of router / modem and how to get into the administrator pages, which comes in handy when you have a "speedtouch wireless modem". If you go the command line and type: ipconfig /all you will find the gateway ip (that being your router / modem) type in the ip in your browser and you will get into the administrator pages. If you have an linksys router or wireless network card, you will be able to find out on whi
  2. Oeh oeh!!!! Me j/k it would however be cool to have a holodeck simulation of thief besides progress is being made towards some sort of holodeck, especially when looking at fancy flight simulators in use by the air force. So it isn't hard to imagine, considering that PDA's are some sort a devolution of the tricorder in star trek. Or what to think of the mobile phone? In the first star trek (60's) there was already a "mobile phone" in use. Anyhow ... I seem to be getting very off topic, and before Zylon Bane gets on my back, I'm not really a trekkie and no I don't have the star trek pj's .
  3. haha indeed i should, i will be graduating soon, so i will have more spare time on my hands
  4. I reckon it would be pretty awesome to create a huge city by means of teamwork. It would mean that each member of the team would bring his own style of design with him/her, making it possible to create different houses per quadrant of the city, creating a city that is ever growing in different areas as well as styles. It would also mean that more houses were accessible and guaranteeing more randomness within the city furthermore progress would be faster as each quadrant can be quickly developed by the team. Basically it would mean that the city is one large map to cover and explore, a rea
  5. So do i, i dont really care much for whether they look out of place, they are opponents and they look good to me and they'll probably give a good scare when i cross them.
  6. that quaintness spelled in ye olde englische or rather quainte in modern english
  7. I say "ni" to this! We should all be the keepers of the sacred words: Ni, Ping, and Nee-womm! Guard us from the roman SHRUBBERY! Attack them wiiiiiithh.... A HERRING! :D
  8. I don't have any problems playing thief 1 or thief 2 on xp, however i am running xp pro myself. I just gave a possible solution to crispy's problems. Its a hassle to try to play old games on xp. One other game i wanted to play was magic carpet 1 and 2. well it ain't running so i had to use virtual pc on the other hand i can run other games such as thief, only problem i was having with thief2x on xp pro was the ligos video driver, i had to reinstall it every time i wanted to play the mod, not that much of a hassle, however irritating altogether. A game like thief 3 however ... now that one kep
  9. try installing virtual pc with win 98 se (if you still have the disks, you can run thief then and play it full screen... just an idea ... well it works ... if you have xp pro that is... if not you are screwed
  10. yes it simulates the top-end hardware for the OS, so you have sound and you have video, for example an NVidia g-force MX 420 becomes a 3dfx and a creative live 5.1 became a creative AWE under win95 only thing needed is memory and HDD, make sure that you have the max hdd capacity, for win95 SE its 2gigs per HDD and 64mb RAM its explained in the link i mentioned earlier: Sofar i've succesfully installed, dos 6.22, win95 and 98 on a pc running XP pro and it runs smootly even full-screen you can even use the internet Its a bit of a hassle however when you get the hang of it its reliving
  11. Virtual PC by microsoft is basically vmware, except that its made by microsoft, so you can install any OS (virtually) you'll see the pc boot, it uses the drivers/hardware from your XP installation to simulate for example a 3DFX card (top of the line for win95) and a soundblaster AWE. If you follow the link on how to install win95 with virtual pc i gave, you are able to install any OS within virtual PC. I would suggest virtual PC over VMWare, which i have used as well, only because the 2007 version is vista ready, whereas VMware isnt yet. And thats why i hinted to virtual PC :D I would tr
  12. ehm ever heard of ... microsoft virtual pc you can install every operation system within another (not dual boot) Works fine, i've been able to install win95 within windows XP, all you have to have are the OS you want to install and a lot of RAM. So if you really wanted you could install windows 95 or 98 to run thief 1 , oh and the 2007 edition works under vista Link to virtual pc download: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/products/...pc/default.mspx, Explination installing Win95 under virtual PC: http://huguesjohnson.com/win2k/win95vpc.html (works for all OS) So... install and enjo
  13. Sygate is a very good firewall, however as Sygate was bought by Symantec/Norton support for the very light sygate personal firewall (pro) stopped since Symantec decided that customers would have to buy their security suite or firewall which has the same functions but is more bloatware. I'd still love Sygate and would prefer it to any other firewall were it not that there are no updates any more. As to Kerio firewall, well this was also sold since kerio's core business are B2B (more profit) then the home user. It was sold to Sunbelt software, which tends to keep it free, however after having
  14. Just watching these videos makes me want to install both thief 1 and 2 again and play it again! Joy!!!! (too bad i don't have that much time) Greetzzz
  15. Well watch it again and again ... and have a few shots of tequila and you'll reckon link and the princess to be hot just like Nyarlathotep who apparently gets a kick out of a load of people jumping around in costume... albeit that i agree that it looks dodgy
  16. Seeing as this clip is from the 80's (1986) and came with the first zelda release for the NES, they wouldn't be 15 any more ... so lets ask that again ... you reckon they're hot?
  17. "That is unrealistic. Guards cannot notice everything that was taken - especially objects in furniture" well you could let guards notice everything being taken by giving every object an object id, however that would require a database behind the game that stores every object id plus the action the NPC ought to take. So that would mean that you would be looking at implementing something like the AI in fear, that recognises every object in a room by its ID then looking up the action in the "database" to do with the objects in the room (throwing up a makeshift blockade with a table) This wo
  18. funny its gone from discussing taking back an 360 to politics in america, i do love this forum
  19. I have been looking forward to that game for ages however the fees will be the killer as will the time spent in it ... my life as i know it would come to an end So i stick to single player games for the most they only cost you once and if they are really good you play them over and over again Total annihiliation and deus ex and thief I can never tire of those games greetzzz
  20. I looked at these videos then glanced through the website, then thought about it ... that's as far as I got up to now ... I remember that there was once an idea to create special pci slot cards to calculate not only special effects but also special cards for AI calculation, however both never did take flight. and that is where my thoughts stopped on the AI and got distracted greetzzz
  21. At the moment I am reading Robbin Hobb,Book 2 of the soldier son trilogy, then again the assasin trilogy and the liveship traders trilogy were good ways to pass the time for me as well. Her previous writername was Megan Lindholm and those books are pretty fun to read too. Another writer Neil Stephenson, wrote the (runs to the bookcase ehm... wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neal_Stephenson ) the baroque cycle and the Cryptonomicon these are his best books to read. Robert Holdstock wrote mythago wood and the Merlin novels (celtica, merlin codex, broken kings) and these are fun to read
  22. Hmmm... The only console I would consider buying now is the Nintendo Wii and that's only because it has a simple controller and addictive games that you can play in the company of friends for a reasonable price! Then there is the reason that I rather have good game play then next gen graphics. Besides that the obvious reason for not investing in either an XBOX 360 or PS3 is that for the price they ask for the bloody things. I can buy a PC that can do much more than either of those combined. Sure they have next gen graphics, but then a pc will have that too within the next year or so and is u
  23. MadhatteR


    hahaha, indeed, it does suck up too much time I was an IRC junkie at one time, can't say I want back that time I would become a Darkmod IRC junkie... now that does sound scary ... the only one in the room etc ... I can just picture it or rather I don't want to
  24. And thus my ignorance paid off in some way ... cant say I can help you much, my programming skills don't go much further then web design. Which is a bummer, I would gladly help you were I can, but it seems that you have that angle pretty well covered. greetz
  25. MadhatteR


    It would be fun to create an irc chat channel, however i dont think there will be any besides one that is locked and members only because team members would be asked too many questions about the mod and progress of it ... you know questions like... when will it be finished. Besides its got a progress meter / update page Would think it fun to meet the makers of the mod though, gives it another point of view to the public
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