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  1. _apitrace_record3.cmd works, but 1 and 2 result in the black screen.
  2. test15973-8793 and test15973-8795 both result in the black screen no matter if it's seta r_useNewBackend "1" or seta r_useNewBackend "0".
  3. There are no problems with test15973-8787. Thanks!
  4. I have a Radeon HD 6450 graphics card. test15973-8778 works but test15973-8797 starts with the black screen.
  5. I've replayed it with the first conversation. Now it worked fine.
  6. This seems to be a real horror mission. As soon as I have collected 500 loot -> TAA-DAA Mission Complete!
  7. Ah, here we are back on track and Judith had a reassignment surgery.
  8. Well, NeonsStyle rated the mission not as perfect. BTW: for this ... erm ... excellent mission.
  9. for the new mission. By the way: What happened to Quinn Co 3 1/2 ?
  10. for another excellent mission. Using the Holy Symbol reminds me of Clive Barker’s Undying.
  11. Ah, thanks. I was looking for a piece of paper to insert into the book.
  12. Thank you for this excellent mission. I'm still wondering which ...
  13. id3839315

    Thief 4

    ... and the Batman hear-alike sound.
  14. I just played the first part and didn't recognize it. The order of the missions was different.
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