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  1. There are already six func_emitters making the moonbeams below the skylight. Since this room has permanently open visportals to the (unfinished) mansion grounds, I'm a bit nervous about adding more particles, but maybe when the map gets its finishing touches... The lighting on the lower floor has an exponential falloff; previously, all you'd see of the lacquer on the stairs was a big white glow with some black around it. The walls look bright because of the specularity on the marble, but the lightgem gets only moderately bright if I stand by one. @Moonbo both ends of the hall are pretty well shadowed; you'll just have to be careful in the middle and on the stairs. I think it's just the camera angle making the walls look flat; I just checked, and the bumps became more evident when I moved nearer a wall. I suppose I could reskin the wooden bits of the skylight as metal; though that would suggest it's putting an even greater weight on the brackets... Thanks for the comments, everyone.
  2. Someone asked about that recently: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/16948-alt-tab/The suggestions involving Task Manager are Windows-specific, obviously, but other key combinations might work.
  3. Maybe a gas mine could have its particles move in a fast upward cone instead of an expanding sphere, to suggest that it has a different release mechanism from the gas arrow and the gas is being pushed upwards through a nozzle. Though I suppose dissipation might be a problem.
  4. I'm guessing a target_set_frobable brush might do the trick. The standard use is with containers, to stop items inside being frobable when they're closed; there are some examples among the furniture prefabs. http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Frobbing#Using_a_target_set_frobable However, I don't know whether you can set up the lock to be a frob peer of the doors and have only the doors affected by the target_set_frobable.
  5. I've encountered that too, but I haven't got around to writing a bug report. However, I did find that the location-related spawnargs on the atdm:target_addobjectives entity do seem to exist after creation through the objectives editor, even though the objectives editor seems unable to read them.
  6. I just tried these in the console, and it says 'unknown command'. There does seem to be an r_logFile, but it crashes TDM.
  7. Does anyone have the previous gen_ornate_iron01 files? The 2.03 update seems to have redesigned the corridor seen in http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/10003-so-what-are-you-working-on-right-now/?p=363726

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    2. Springheel


      The old "gen" textures were terribly low res and rather poorly made. The update shouldn't change much other than the specific pattern used on the trim.


    3. SteveL
    4. VanishedOne


      In other cases it may not matter much, but it's a pretty big change to the way that particular corridor looks, and I want to restore my original design. It can certainly wait five hours, though.

  8. I didn't de-lurk because I thought it was a question to your beta testers. Oh well.
  9. You mean, post #7 of a thread called 'Beta Testers For My New Mission'?
  10. It was a matter of fortune, not reverse image search, that I'd already seen the Codex thread. Whether I should have posted the links is open to dispute, but as far as I was concerned the challenge was gone anyway; the answer had been sitting there on a widely read gaming forum.
  11. http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/thief-2-fan-missions-and-campaigns.51965/page-22#post-3728162 http://www.rpgcodex.net/forums/index.php?threads/thief-2-fan-missions-and-campaigns.51965/page-23#post-3729052
  12. http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/1755-texture-resources/ There appear to be quite a number of places providing texture images; it's ones that include ready-made normal and specular maps (like in Springheel's link) that seem less common.
  13. That's the point. If you only change the first-person stuff, it won't be consistent with what you see in any mirror surfaces, if your maps use them.
  14. The top surface of the water would still be 400 x 400, though.
  15. Yes. As I said, it responds to an object with a large enough stim radius. I was hoping to avoid having to alter the way holy water arrows work, although in this map it might be okay (but then, I could just increase their stim radius).
  16. Is there a way of getting stims to affect large entities without having a similarly large radius? Let's say I've got a pool of water with its top surface about 400 x 400 units, and maybe twice that depth. It has a response to the Holy stim set on it. Holy water arrows aren't affecting it. Some forum searching suggested that the stim needs to reach the water's origin in order to work; sure enough, if I give a holy hammer a Holy stim with a radius of 200 and drop it into the pool, the response triggers. But it would be nice if holy water arrows hitting the surface could work too. Edit: for future reference: it turns out that part of the problem is that the Holy stim is on the result of a h.w.a. impact, which wasn't being generated because of this line in the arrow defs: "detonate_on_water" "0".
  17. I'm not planning to have that room guarded anyway, so it doesn't matter. (Though the room did originally have larger light radii; they caused rendering problems with the mirror texture.)
  18. I suppose it partly depends on whether this gaming room is supposed to feel like a warm club of the like-minded (for the thief to infiltrate) or like a cold, cynical exercise in risky behaviour. The green-walled version (which I thought went nicely with the blue window panes) reminds me of a partly done room in my w.i.p. which is basically meant to suggest the lord of the manor can be an intimidating man: cold colour scheme, stark white lights: However, details like the gramophone put me in mind of something a little more pleasantly domestic.
  19. This is good; the old was of rotating models/prefabs for previewing was frustrating. The only thing is, when trying to get a close look at a big model like galleon.lwo, the jumps in camera position can seem quite big. Is there a way to enable smoother movement?
  20. Decorative shadow-casting. They're a bit big for any other use in a bedroom. :-P
  21. Mansion. :-P (The lord's and lady's bedrooms, in fact.)
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