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  1. fortunately autosave version is very recent and works just fine,so there is no need for now...
  2. When I try to open my map in DR it says : here is what entity 1869 looks like via notepad : even if I delete it from here it still won't load because of the same error
  3. Russian version of Red Hot Chili Peppers "Give it away" song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09lkquDZZww
  4. thanks everyone! @Moonbo:yeah,thats a good suggestion,I'll change it @SeriousToni:magic firefly was used in the both of my released fm's,its just a mover with particle effect bound to it thats moves alonge the spline path,so there is nothing special about it
  5. doesn't makes it good though
  6. looks good,I'll share mine : I made a few mistakes in layout of my city map... whole city layout should have been crooked and narrow.Now I have to deal with huge FPS drops at some places same here
  7. sorry for late reply there's a problem indeed To avoid it I decided to make a little (and hopefully final!) update of the mission.It changes nothing but fixing this not critical but unpleasant bug and renames objectives difficulty level from "Easy/Medium/Difficult" to "All/The/Same" because difficulty is the same I decided to call this version 1.2 (although this is very minor update) to avoid confusion Somebody please upload this version to the official mirrors http://rghost.net/52498969
  8. Rogue Warrior... terrible game but end credits song is amazing.Simply the one of the best songs ever created. [VIDEO]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsusJVaAWf8[/VIDEO]
  9. although I am not the fan nordic mythology it seems to be much better than Skyrim ! I liked Quest For Glory games back in the day Thanks for sharing !
  10. I wonder if its possible to convert Dark Engine levels to Darkmod... ? You cant use Thief 1-2 OMs in Darkmod but there is plenty of FM's which could be converted with author permission
  11. thanks pretty far as it is architecture only and less than half I'd want to build
  12. Ok,completed it Its the one of the worst horror games I ever played,it was made by the same scum who made that lousy game where you need to walk through the empty island and listen to the boring poetry. New Amnesia game is almost the same - you walk through boring envoirment and listening to the main character complains,there is barely any AI or threats or puzzles and flashlight casts no shadows !!! Its a horror game of 2013 and flashlight casts no shadows ! WTF ? Xbox1 version of Doom 3 had dynamic shadows ! How the hell they were going to scare anyone if theres no dynamic/flashlight shadows ?
  13. my latest attempt to build a city map from scratch :
  14. I had that problem but you can edit ASE with notepad and change a path of the wrong texture to the path of right one
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