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    I can help

    Why does sth like this always happen when I wanna listen an ambient track? But I´m sure it will be as great like the others, but I wanna hear it NOW!!!
  2. Don´t expect any solution this year though! Biker, didn´t you noticed the bugs-thread?
  3. Yeah, *hidden one in shadow* , it´s nice to see your progress. And for image-brightening I suggest IrfanView, it´s very fast and simple to handle. (menu Image->Color corrections and then increase Gamma slightly, I always use 1.12 up to 1.25)
  4. *sniff* sadness is spreading, tears are rolling, alone, so alone, just want sth I can never have... *sniff*
  5. Hmm, maybe just put in a link to FM-wiki and from that you can get to the FM-thread itself where a poll is stated. Of course the game would shut down while the page is accessed... But for now I´m quite happy with the FM-management-improvements except one thing: I would like to store FM´s in 'played', 'stored to look at later' and 'new' to have more overview. Right now I still move folders inside the fms-folder to another one to get more overview. OH, while I´m at it, a 'erase Savegames only'-feature for the Save/Load-screen would be nice too.
  6. But my actually (Zalmann) pretends to have 'true' 5.1 instead of emulated and it really sounds terrific (is also put directly into soundcard, no USB), though I had very cheap ones before. But yeah, since my Zalmann´s rear right channel got corrupt recently (just a short period after warranty expired) I 'transformed' them into Stereo via Sound-setup and the 3D-stereo-option sounded very good. But I bought them again (only 16€ by now) and well, either it´s my mind playing games, but 5.1 output gives more 'deepness'. Though, they come without implemented Subwoofer. Right now I just raised the first two from left sliders in Equalizer to have more 'bums'. The 70€-7.1-ones will come with it, I can´t find them now but I remember they got USB but were also pretending to have 'true' 7.1-sound, hmm. Other 7.1-stuff is fare more expensive. So thanks for the USB-clarification, I would´ve stepped into that trap... Well, as I said, that gap between Front and Rear is strongly noticeable, so I still dream of 7.1 or even 12.1-sound (or better 14.1) for my ears... Oh, and about that snake-oil: It must be´ve been expensive, because unicorn´s are hard to come by these days IIRC and also, is it 'real' strenght' or only 'emulated' by mind-tricks? Good Lord, I just googled HD555 (Sennheiser, eh?) and they are es expensive as 7.1-ones, seems I have to do more research, I would love to test and compare them with the 7.1-ones...

    I can help

    Yeah, perfect quality, as expected.
  8. http://min.us/mvkoIT5 Hmm, testing please. Is it as fast for you as it is for me, guys? (as compared to imagehack) edit: The Preview is only big enough while me Browser is in Fullscreen, otherwise it´s kind of too little...
  9. You could also try the '3-saves'-method that came up in this thread. I know, it´s not facing the real problem but since I use it I didn´t had any issues with savegames anymore. In my opinion everyone should use it. It does create three savegames in a row. Hmm, I´ll make it easy for you and load it up, wait a sec: saveload.cfg.txt delete '.txt' and put it into DarkMod-folder and add the line exec saveload.cfg into the file named(if you haven´t already you need to create it) autoexec.cfg (both files can be opened and edited with Text-editors) that needs to be created in the DarkMod-folder too. It binds the key F4 to QuickSave and F9 to QuickLoad. Can be re-assigned via editing saveload.cfg, but NOT in the MainMenu. Note that after GameRestart the QuickSave-order will begin with QuickSave1 again, no matter what the last save was named. If it matters to you then make sure that the last QuickSave you do is named 'QuickSave3' before you quit the game. In the thread I linked to is also a method described to cycle through existing QuickSave with the QuickLoad-key (repeated press) and of course you can expand the script to create even more QuickSaves with the QuickSave-key... Note: Damn, already 5 in the morning, I wanted to play Glenham Tower, well, it´s still dark...
  10. Will do, though that music-issue is most confusing atm, but demagogue is feeding me with solution-ideas...
  11. Ha! THANK YOU (I know you didn´t do it for me, but I want it as bad as 'Aprilsister') I can´t wait to see that script...
  12. I tried that, but I´m under-skilled and working with blendtime, well, I hope you get it working. Also the sword does have an own cancel-animation. And for the RMB: it´s the block-feature that aborts and Blackjack has no block. Then again, Bow hasn´t either. I should´ve looked at the bow instead of the sword... I´m glad you´re looking into this Grayman!! edit: I´m confused, there is no 'cancel'-void in the arrow-script (that is the bow); is it done just with that 'break'? But that was only related to release the Fire-button too early, found nothing with the block-key...
  13. LoL For a moment I feared the DynamicAmbient was also you but gladly you made clear it´s not. A value about 3? And the standard is 8? Hm, as I put AmbientLight into Doom3-maps I tested very much and chose 5, though I would´ve liked 4.5, but that wasn´t possible. Then again, recently I turned off my TV-settings like 'Active Control' and 'Contrast+' that brightened up things a little bit and I have the impression that the difference between bright and dark textures isn´t that dramatic anymore. In Doom3 I have gamma/brightness at default (1) and AmbientLight is fine, but it´s different story in TDM for some reason. (of course you idiot, because not everyone has used 5) Alright, I´ll play Glenham Tower now (it´s almost 4 in the morning and I can´t sleep anymore, so I don´t think I can play Knighton Manor after that, and it would be odd anyway considering the order...) Oh, as I speak of Knighton Manor and I have your attention and I´m in derail-mode anyway: You released this mission before v.1.03 though you originally wanted to wait because of the girls. So, both are out and are the girls fully 'operational' in your mission or are they even in it? I wanted to see/hear them in a mission before I 'study' them further in my *censored*-room (Yes Sotha, I know, I won´t get more into this lest I befoul your honoured thread )
  14. Since 1.03 I´m forced to re-adjust my gamma I dismissed the brightener.mtr and still I can spot keys very good, but I can tell only for the ones in Beleaguered Fence, so I need to test more. Also the new DynamicAmbientLight-system makes a difference now... Nothing of this was put into v1.03, right Fids?
  15. Yeah!! That was sth I was going to ask anyway, cool!! (though I don´t like that 'supposedly') Alright if you say they sound right (to guards too) I´ll trust you. I haven´t dismissed them yet. But this is the first time I´m enjoying my own footsteps so I wanna hear them for quite a time now. (thanks again OrbWeaver!!) Since I´m most of the time on a slower walk-speed... It´s cool to have the ability to choose from different shoes before a heist. Let´s just say the tappier ones need to be cleaned first but I´m too lazy to do so I stick to my 'old' ones (though they are new too, *my translator gives me two options for the following:* 1.) embarrass de richesses 2.) to be spoilt for choice) And your headphones are only at 15%? Well, while my Wave-setup is 100%, my Creative-center speaks of 36%-overall-volume. I can´t control my (cheap but damn good sounding 5.1-) headphones. I´m also planning on buying me a 7.1-headset for 70 € but atm they are too expensive. But I´m such an Ambiance Addict and I can´t stand the gap between LeftFront and LeftRear when turning the view, hmm , TDM is getting a more 'heavenly' experience soon... I´m so sorry that I drifted away.
  16. I modified the Blackjack-script to include an attack-cancel-function triggered by the block-key. I oriented on the sword-script, though it´s different. Right now it works (on my system, on Aida´s it leads to an OS-crash) but the hit-animation repeats itself as long as the block-key is hold. The problem must be in here: // block key cancels the swing if( WEAPON_BLOCK || WEAPON_LOWERWEAPON ) { pauseAnim( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, 0 ); m_bPlayerCancelledAttack = 1; // play the correct cancel animation: //string cancelAnim = "cancel_" + attackAnim; //playAnim( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, cancelAnim ); //waitUntil( animDone( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, blendframes ) ); playAnim( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, "putaway" ); waitUntil( animDone( ANIMCHANNEL_ALL, 0 ) ); weaponState( "Idle", BLACKJACK_HIT_TO_IDLE ); } Uncommenting the commented stuff doesn´t work at all. I had to start a new animation with 'playAnim' otherwise I couldn´t get it to work. And what´s with 'pauseAnim'? I can´t get that working too. For completeness, here the whole script:
  17. Yeah, I just had the idea that maybe the Forum-code was messing it up while you were downloading it. I´ll post the script-content in Editor´s Guild, maybe I get more attention there...
  18. Yeah, just today I dmap´ed your last FM dude(tried to get rid of that music-bug with 1.03), and as I started it I got malloc-error, after restart it worked. Thirst I thought it´s because I was in Window-mode... Also dude, I´m still planning on implementing EAX into it, I also fixed that 'cannot-pickup-arrows-bug' (I think, haven´t tried yet, just moved them little up). So if you have an already updated version, could you send me it? Thanks Fidcal, most useful info.
  19. It also sets a space after ;Oh, and demagogue, I´ve send you a PM. edit: Hm? Apparently not, even not as I changed it to '.'? Wait. Test: .lwo flat.lwo He? I can´t reproduce that Forum-bug. Is there already an Bugtracker-entry?
  20. That console-warning let me thought that the spyglass should be there. Anyway, it seems I really have to increase my gamma. Yeah, I love black shadows but in that apartment I couldn´t even see the shelf and what was on it without the lantern. It´s okay to use the lantern, but what if a guard is watching. I fear that I have to adjust my gamma-setting from mission to mission. Well, I can create an individual autoexec-file with the gamma-setting for every FM... Lol, it seems my big praise from the morning was more about 1.03 than the mission itself. Nah, just kidding, it was a blast, the biggest upside for me was the perfect ambiance-sound-setup, very damn good job on that!
  21. Damn you Aida, I would´ve liked to see this thingie first in a real mission... But impressive, really... And while I´m at it, what are the spawnarg-'cheats'?
  22. I thought about guard-behaviour, if your steps are quieter, then guards should have a harder time hearing you too.
  23. Last try: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DO48TWS0
  24. I really suggest that you go and look for yourself NOW (if you can) because between the lines I get the impression that you think I´m insane... Must be the ambient shaders, I´ll test now, oh damn, well, I´ll test it soon...
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