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  1. That's a new bug. I will discuss it with stgatilov after the next update. Thanks for your report.
  2. Hello Stifu, In the meantime, a young fellow from my family finished the game on the PS4. He reported only minor problems in side missions and thus was frustrated only because he could not win certain trophies...yep, I know what your are thinking, different age group. However, I think I will skip it anyway and I do not feel like buying a PS5. I've been to Toulouse for a few weeks accompanied only by my old gaming notebook and started the old Tomb Raider games from Core Design. You were right; controls and graphics have not aged well...but these games still offer something I do not find in newer games. Jac
  3. This was originally suggested by @Destined and @peter_spy for TLC. I skipped it because the mission crashed. However, with 2.08 it works as it should: https://streamable.com/owo8ik
  4. And how do you navigate? Is it like Max Payne or Alan Wake? Hopefully note. :((( Peter, I think it was a good idea NOT to buy it....
  5. W√ľnsch ich Dir auch. Jack
  6. I recommended Joe to use three different ambients in the museum because.... Let me know: why do you thing there were too many ambients in the museum? On a different note: where can I download your ambients? Have been searching for them since Joe release N&T
  7. Do you think I can expect a decent version for the PS4 in the near future?
  8. How sad that you have to make fun of somebody else's supposed disadvantage.
  9. Sorry to hear that. On a different note: The character in the new TV show "Mandalorian" is a different person (storywise) using the same gear that's somehow "mandatory" for a bounty hunter in the SW universe? Wouldn't say that I am Star Wars fan - but a TV show with Giancarlo Esposito, Carl Weathers and Werner Herzog (I never had doubts that the dubious business guys in the SW universe are speaking fluent English with Bavarian accent) - that's something I would like to watch! P.S. ...provided it eventually gets released on BluRay...
  10. The same thought crossed my mind. Moreover, when they started development of the game, something like the PS5 was not even remotely on the horizon.
  11. I have decided that the @Springheelzombies will have a different background story in the next mission. More details will be clarified with @Amadeusasap. The mission needs a new name... @Dragofer: It normally takes me days to instruct AI how to use the elevators. The chaps you've extracted from Sotha's "Genesis" mission do not need that - during the last test run they came after unseen opponents without specific orders using elevators not meant for usage! The observed behaviour provides a clear answer for a question that has bothered mankind for quite a long time: Yes, free wil exists.
  12. Nice catch, Stifu, that's aboslutely correct, however, the terminology in the quote is wrong: The relevant European Standard is called DIN EN 124 and the name of the load classes are either B125 or D400 - but definitely without the "Begu" word as no non-German professionals would understand that it means "Betonguss".
  13. Good question, I read that some guys consider the problems way too significant to be fixed with an update for the PS4. I really wanted to check it out as I thought that could be a cool addition to the Deus Ex games. I think I will continue with mapping for HHB&M and have some drinks in the evening....
  14. Noted, I will look into that when necessary, thank you. How long did you work on the manbeast? That must have been a hell of a lot of work.
  15. ...and by now it is clear why the console versions could not be tested in advance; the versions seem very buggy and slimmed down. Apparently they gave out only the PC version for the tests so that there will be good ratings most probably with the intention that there will be enough console players buying the game on a wrong basis. hm....
  16. I already forgot the cool idle animations and barks! https://streamable.com/qtfh9y The ground patches are not monsterclipped till now, yet the beasts navigate on them as if they had been doing so since the dawn of men! I am afraid they will most probably not make it into B&M (they simply do not fit with the storyline and I don't feel like doing another XL mission so shortly after HHTLC), but I`ll surely use them in the future. Thank you for your hard work! @Dragofer@kingsal
  17. Great visuals, great mood. However, I did not find enough loot (lowest difficulty level) to finish the mission. I've added this to my FSL (=Favourite Spots List): Good job and thank you for the update as otherwise I probably never would have noticed this mission.
  18. I hereby award you with the new title "The Weather Maker" ! Very cool, you've elimintaed all problems coming with rain and snow effects that prevented me till now from using the related features.
  19. Hidden Hands: Blood & Metal I am trying to do something with SS2 vibes in the HH universe... @Dragofer Thank you very much for your help with the bots! Would you be so kind and help me with the new cameras (I mean, the one that looks like a human head). I do not get it working.
  20. A little late to the party, however: Congratulations on the release!
  21. Cool visuals, cool atmosphere. and a female protagonist....although there is lots of stuff missing till now, I really want to play it!
  22. @STiFU @demagogue Ah, that was the name, thanks!
  23. What was the name of the indie game that looked like C64 2D where you had to move around words to change the environment? You mentioned it a few months ago and back then I watched a video, found it cool, but forgot to bookmark it.
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