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  1. Everything is possible and all that feelgood nonsense, but doing that is something of unreasonable size for a project like TDM, not to mention that this would sacrifice the freedom and adaptability that TDM has. Besides that, as previously stated you can really push a lot out of a open source engine.
  2. Hoping that 7nm cards will be good. I expect AMD to release them late next year or perhaps the year after that as TSMC is already kicking off fabs for them, doubt Nvidia will be doing anything with 7nm in that timespan though.
  3. Congrats on release! Had a lot of fun testing it and seeing the mission in a unpolished state, will most likely do it again in the future.
  4. Not just vapor chilled, vapor chilled with a refrigerant that's illegal in most of the world.
  5. You can turn off those community features if you wish. It's a nice thought but it's really hard to just get more attention on Moddb.
  6. I think Imgur does but I'm not certain how it works.
  7. Flickr is probably best for large galleries. There's also Imgur.
  8. I'm glad you haven't called quits entirely. You're definitely a important part of the community and I think many of us are glad.
  9. I've already played them, great missions. I'll still probably replay them because it's been far too long and my memory is hazy.
  10. My experience of Win10 was poor when I first used it on my new laptop because some updates entirely broke my PC, and it always needed to do overly long updates in the worst possible times. If you are on the newest version from the start, as I am now my experience has been pretty good. The UI is worse and less functional than 10, the ads are bullshit, I hate that you can't disable certain features, among other things but there have been some really great QOL improvements and I like that Microsoft has yet to revoke my right to use my computer as I did pre win10, with pure desktop focus and not b
  11. Might as well ask, I'd be up for it, although I have never done anything of the sort.
  12. Oh and I forgot to mention two things, the first is that I managed to get stuck on the railing, short wall, whatever that is right next to the staircase that you spawn in. It's minor but if you will at some point update the mission you might as well take a gander at it. https://i.imgur.com/kgA2cSb.jpg The other is probably not related to the mission itself, but when I quickloaded one time on the rooftops the entire map looked like it was covered in fog, sort of reminded me of Life of the Party in Thief 2, the fog was really short range and disappeared when I reloaded the save again.
  13. Great mission, but that's pretty standard for you Goldwell. I liked almost everything although I feel that the map was a bit too oversized. The amount of non-enterable buildings just felt like bloat, if you make more of them open in act 2 then I'll take that back. Only managed to get 2 or 3 secrets, but better than nothing. I didn't also quite like the put the loot in the safe thing primarily because it threw off the statistics in the end, and the 1.5k loot that I stored in the safe did not count on the stats. Really loved the non-linearity, that you could buy your gear mid mission, the voice
  14. Probably just me but I'd like some rooftop missions and missions where you have to navigate through long streets to get to your real objective. Haven't seen too many of smaller missions like that, only larger ones.
  15. Tablet market is pretty dead at the moment. There's not a lot of competition and most of the ones out there are poor value when it comes to specifications and the chipsets used in them (generally old mediateks or low end snapdragons, really mediocre), but I have heard good things about Huawei tablets. Make sure you get something that has 2 or more gigabytes of RAM, anything under that will run like ass for general use. I'd suggest buying a laptop instead, but if you watch movies you probably want a good screen, and most laptops under 400 euro/dollars will have sub par 1366x768 TN panels with p
  16. Imagine seeing someone build a TDM map on the train. That'd be a sight.
  17. Calling everyone who doesn't hold the same opinions as you as /r/the_donald or /pol/ is pretty pathetic, I hope for your sake you cut out that habit.
  18. Just completed it. A nice difficulty balance, everything flows together really naturally and it's super pretty to look at. Probably a top 10 mission for me, great work. As others said I think there was a tad bit too much light. Certain places were basically impossible to pass because of the mushrooms. Maybe have them be destroyable with broadheads? I only used them for distraction so that would have given me more mileage out of them.
  19. I liked it, but I think it was too easy and wasn't as detailed as TA2. Way too few guards (I think I remember 8 across the entire mission,) small interiors and little light which makes guards way too easy to avoid and knock out. A few missed opportunities too with no rope arrows to climb up the streets for side loot. The mission was basically just a 1 hour long breeze and I didn't really ever get lost since the map design was pretty simple.
  20. Thomas Porter series, all of it except for 2. It's great, however in TP4 I had a bug where my lightgem was at full darkness wherever I went which made it very easy. TP 1, 3 and 6 were my favorites. I found 2 too hard for me so I didn't complete it but it was a well designed mission anyway. Ulysses: Genesis and Ulysses 2. A mission that did something new for once: it allowed me to kill. I find it annoying that so many missions never allow you to kill, with how loud kills are it's easier to blackjack in most situations anyway. Extremely well designed and fun to play, was never too aggravating
  21. Trying to carry the guard patrolling outside the house in the second phial dream seems to crash my game at times. Edit: Progressed a bit further into the church. The guy who keeps walking around and sitting up and down in the first floor also crashed the game when I tried to carry him after blackjack.
  22. No, I did it "legitimately" in the sense I used no cheats. I woke up the steward and then shot him with arrows (which made him flee) and then he dropped the key when he was leaving the room. I did the diary stuff AFTER Crowley was killed because it was a required objective. I didn't even know of the secret room until that final dialogue with the Steward after he killed Crowley.
  23. Just completed it. I kind of made a tiny sequence break. So I was going room to room just blackjacking everyone and then I ended up at the steward, I quickly found out I can't knock him out and then when I shot some arrows at him he started running and Garret said something about a key, I quick loaded and kept moving as intended until I found that final locked door and I doublechecked every single possible room until I remembered that steward and that key dialogue, well I did the same thing again by waking him up and shooting him with arrows, picking up the key and moving onto the final place
  24. I liked it overall but it got a bit ridiculous after a while. I also hated how many dumb references there were, calm down with those. The vault tec lock, keypad code (I admit that one was funny and a well done puzzle but that code has been done to death), the doctor going to Daggerfall, the ayylmao, it all just gets too silly but overall I still liked the mission.
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