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  1. I love the classy manufacturer’s stamp on the front of it
  2. Too soon? thinking this should be my main menu ambient track for my FM. Amadeus’ idea But seriously I hope this vid finds everyone doing well and lifts a spirit or two.
  3. Mmm turmeric and ginger! Keep it coming STRUNK, this is awesome.
  4. How many different foodstuffs you doing STRUNK? I would love these in my kitchens.
  5. Good to know. Many thanks! And yes I’m trying to get through all the notes I’ve received so far. Going well, it’s so fun, but hard with a full house on quarantine Hope to go open within a month.
  6. Oh my. Fantastic. I will have to replace all my old ones with these updated ones. Thank you a ton.
  7. thats what I meant lol. LAYERS. Always forget.
  8. I’m a dummy with filters I always forget to use them. Look on the wiki for custom filters
  9. Haha, polish the spear. But for real, the only reason every character of mine in every ES game exceeds 500+hrs without beating the main quest is because i get distracted by the atmosphere and lore, the books being a big part of that. Oh and The Real Barenziah. I used to love collecting complete works and decorating my bookshelves in my homes, putting them all in order.
  10. Man I loved the books in Elder Scrolls. Thief of Virtue and Lusty Argonian Maid were my favs.
  11. I for one can’t wait to use them, when I move on to my second FM. So thanks in advance for what you’ve accomplished thus far. Go get a massage! It’s a great way to unplug and reset.
  12. Congratulations on your first release!
  13. Could look to Roblox Studio as a model? If my 8 year old can get in on making custom Roblox games with that, perhaps something similar would be a good “watered-down” noob friendly DR
  14. Cheeki Breeki! It’s here on my turf too.
  15. I was watching BravoTV with the wife and saw this. Kentucky Castle Hotel, Versailles, Kentucky https://www.courier-journal.com/picture-gallery/news/2020/01/22/kentucky-castle-sale-see-photos-inside/4541396002/
  16. Hey joe I tried to send you a PM but it says you are unable to receive messages at this time!

  17. Other than lots of beautifying and custom sound (who knows how long that will taffin’ take?) my map is almost beta ready. It’s in a state where it finally feels structured like an actual mission Testing my objectives now. edit: they work! I need to adjust values for loot and stuff per difficulty level, but it’s one step closer. My goal tonight after work is briefing and starting equipment and hopefully apply func_peek to all the doors. So stoked it’s all coming together. Almost a year long endeavor and something I’ve wanted to get in on for a decade, just didn’t
  18. Stock up on health potions and holy water! I’m thinking 2020 is gonna be a fun year for FMs. I keep hearing how grayman is working on 5 maps atm, numerous other maps in progress from other authors. I’m currently getting a sneak peek pre-beta test at a mission (I’ll keep the author secret for now to build hype) and it’s great fun so far. My 3rd baby is due May 30 so that’s my deadline to push out my own first FM.
  19. I laughed Kurshok because I think you should do stand-up, or at least write a web comic. Your wit is gold. That could be a good way to funnel your boredom into something productive. (Tried your hand at DR? that's been my funnest use of a PC in several years) Have a Twitch channel where you do let's plays and rattle off jokes, idk. I'd tune in. But I totally hear you about lack of sunlight, I am totally affected by seasonal affective disorder, goddam hate Nov-midMarch.
  20. How does one change a normal object and make it appear as if it is all gold, in my case a main objective is to be a gold plated object. Changing material definitions?
  21. Sounds like a wicked idea! I’d love to contribute time and feedback.
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