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  1. I'm trying to give a projectile a special effect... Ive been snooping around the weapon defs to learn more and this is what I have so far: 1) most projectile entities point to a separate "result" entity which spawns upon impact. 2) the result entity usually contains a Stim. NPC definition files contain a Response to that Stim (damage, heal, blind, gas knockout and so on) I want to put together a response that will trigger a script function- whats the best way to do this? none of the responses seem to use STIM_TRIGGER, so I can't find any good references to use. one p
  2. Hi, I've been playing around with your halloween sandbox (helloween.pk4) and I wanted to say the lantern looks awesome. I'd love to see this in a horror mission. do you know if theres a way to separate it from the sword? Ive been experimenting with the def files and haven't had much luck. first thing I did was go into the tdm_player_thief def file and add a new weapon def (there are 12 weapon slots, but TDM only uses 10) then I duplicated the default tdm_weapon_shortsword def from TDM and renamed it tdm_weapon_lamp. I compared it to your shortsword def and copied s
  3. looking forward to it. I've always wanted to see some of the old T1/2/3 environments reimagined in FMs set hundreds of years after the events of the original games. that's one of the things I liked about Thief 4.
  4. stunning. I hope we get to explore the necromancer's tower
  5. Looks great! I'm having some trouble recognizing the map though
  6. I love playing with shadows on, a slightly more elaborate walking/crouching animation would be awesome
  7. I was exploring the files and found an alternative 'sword' model. Looks really cool. has this been used in any FMs? seems to work just fine, all I had to do was rename it to broadsword.md5mesh and drop it in my FM. Makes sword noises, but its not a huge issue. I'll have to look for a way to change the inventory icon and name later.
  8. thanks, but just to clarify I didn't make that. I'm using the default TDM spyglass overlay. originally i was going to use a thick glass texture and an air filter system (each filter would last 30 seconds or so) but they made navigation too difficult
  9. I did some exploring and found the relevant lines in tdm_readables.script Readables are rendered on layer # 10. The HUD is on layer #1. So the trick is to put the mask overlay above the readables, and below the HUD. By editing the "$player1.createOverlay" commands on tdm_readables I got the readables to render on layer # -1. after that I put my overlay on layer 0. Everything displays in the right order now.
  10. Speaking of readables, is there a way to make them appear on a specific layer? They show up "on top" of a gas mask overlay I've prepared, which breaks immersion somewhat.
  11. Is there a way to make the "Start mission" button take the player directly to the Objectives screen? I'm playing around with the mainmenu_custom_defs.gui file but I can't figure it out.
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