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  1. Finally got some free time and finished this! Awesome mission. I had a ton of fun exploring the "other place", reminds me a lot of Dishonored. The new assets look great too.
  2. I've always wanted something like this in TDM! thank you so much.
  3. congratulations on the release! just played it for a bit, it's huge.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. This is the file. It was shared by Dragofer on the discord. z_handheld_lantern.pk4
  5. I can't believe I missed that... I even visited that room and stared at the ...thing... a number of times but just didn't see it. Very well done by the way. I hope we get to see more of Lady Ursine in the future.
  6. amazing mission. finally finished last night, then started over to try and ghost it. turns out I missed a ton of stuff. the readables make more a lot more sense on a 2nd playthrough- there's just one thing I'm missing
  7. stealing the scroll was so satisfying!
  8. Hey everyone. hope your new year is off to a good start. lately I've been taking a break from mapping and trying to learn some Blender... nothing complicated, simple stuff like bottles, boxes, etc. I followed a tutorial on youtube and made this. I put one of the wine bottle textures on it. then I tried to import it into TDM. surprisingly the scale was just right. Only problem is that I don't actually know how to apply a texture to it. Am I supposed to export it as an .ase or .lwo? If I export it as .ase I can then open the file in wordpad and try to mess around with the following definitions which I assume have something to do with the texture *MAP_NAME "...." *BITMAP "\\base\..." I'm not sure what these control though. Are they supposed to point to a texture file in the darkmod folder?
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