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FM: Crystal Grave (Kryształowy Grób)

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If all objectives are checked, you should go to northern-west gate. The spot's length and width is about half of gate size (white cube on image below).



Thanks for the map, ERH+! I found the right place and was able to end the mission. Missed some loot but maybe on the next round :)

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Translation problem is already solved, I forgot to mention that.

Work is going fine, translation needs just some polishing and we will probably release update very soon. Done a lot of work on visuals, so mission is worth replaying if someone already know it.

Thanks for this very ambitious mission. I was really surprised how well it ran even with all the open windows: compartmentalization was like swiss-cheese.


It was tricky to find all the crystals, but fortunately the map helped me to navigate: the place would have been really confusing without it.


I found some exciting secret places, but hoped they would have fleshed out the location a bit more.


The AI was clearly having some difficulty navigating the area and few of them got stuck. I also got stuck into some geometry pieces, especially chests were scary to approach.


All in all, an interesting mission, especially the angles in the keep. Thanks!


-The mapper's best friend.

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