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Needed for Standalone: Animated Skeleton


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I just inverted the green channel and everything looks great now.

Jesus, that skeleton actually looks kinda creepy.


@Lemony, we thoroughly appreciate your hard work mista! now get cracking with the warebeast :-)

@Springs, thanks for getting the model TDM ready.


Just awesome guys.

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I think you just answered your own qualm there i30817 ;P


Springheel: Yeah I've heard that inverting the green channel tends to fix those kinds of problems, I should keep than in mind next time I need to get something in game.


Bikerdude: sorry man! i have to focus on finishing a prototype in my spare time, isn't the werebeast already being made?




Also what's the sound effects and idle animations like for this guy? I was keen to make a suggestion that the monster's noises could be the rattling of bone and the clacking of teeth =P


Hellraiser anyone? ;)



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