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6 minutes ago, teddybear said:

Not working, the map file format is not the same, and DR cannot open it.


That is the BFG Trenchbroom variant or Trenchbroom itself?

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TrenchBroom's abilities for Doom 3 are still limited at the moment.

You can only save maps to the Doom 3 (Valve) format but you can copy paste from the vanilla Doom 3 .map format into the Doom 3 (Valve)configuration and reset your texture alignment as you want.

So you have to convert it back somehow, back from valve220 to regular .map, if I understand correctly..

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Wow, as not-mapper, this looks a great tool for beginners. So, this works with TDM?

In my past, i had difficulties to create buildings in unrealed (1.0), but i loved to retexture and adding new objects in excisting community maps. 

When i look at this editor, i finally see an easy way to make a room. I will try this editor to create some rooms and add objects using DR.

I watched some video tutorials at https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgDKRPte5Y0AZ_K_PZbWbgBAEt5xf74aE

Edited by freyk

Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
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I tried to get it working. The D3 port of Trenchboom gives mentioned above error and with the normal version of Trenchboom I could import them in DR, but then I got an error at Dmap in tdm. Well maybe it can be used for Doom3/Quake4/Prey mapping.

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In old shooters I remember the very nice Rise of the Triad, which came with a level editor who only need to be executed to create randomly new complete levels.

For me an unfairly forgotten FPS from the time of the old Doom and Quake


Sys Specs Laptop Lenovo V145 15AST, AMD A9- 9425 Radeon R5 - 5 cores 3,1 GHz  RAM 8Gb, GPU 1+2 Gb -Win10 64 v21H2

Favorite online apps you may like too 😉

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