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Thief 5 (Thoughs on who should develop it and how it should be developed)


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Good god, man. Still playing your game. Did you intentionally leave a an opening for a retort?



For anyone NOT paying attention, I never said brethren said he hated Grundy, and it's not the only interpretation. His inappropriate posts against Grundy in threads that don't concern him were hateful enough, and his PMs and posts at me came from that same place only he really understands. The people who had real issues with Grundy were mostly ComChatters, go figure. Mostly gone years ago. Keep choosing the more stupid or negative interpretation, and taking my breath away with motives for my own words that never occurred to me.


Here is the issue. You believe that others are actually paying attention to this conversation. The entire sequence of previous posts should have completely been done in PMs.


Why? Because nobody cares about anyones personal issues and gripes. We all have them about certain things but... who cares? ...no one.


You must believe that by posting this in a thread for "all to read" it is, in some way, redeeming to your psyche. This is why drug companies create drugs, for chemical imbalances, and doctors prescribe them.


In the meantime realize that people come to these forums to discuss and gather meaningfull information. Not to read someones rants.


No one is paying attention because there isn't anything being articulated intelligently.

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Add to that apathy regarding years old grudge matches from other forums. There's a world beyond online communities, probably an idea to pay more attention to that than what people over the internet think of you. Nobody cares, frankly, and I haven't seen this kind of dead-end fixation--manifested in ranting and raving like a martyr in the Tower of London--in my life, not even when I was a child obsessed with whatever I was taken by. It's decidedly alarming how frantic you are about this, you just need to chill out and take a break. You care too much about unimportant things, and it seems to be winding you up to the point where you're fit to burst.

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Thief 5 should be developed by former employees of Zynga and FreshPlanet, for the next handheld platform that doesn't yet exist, engineered by a company that doesn't yet exist, but will have acquired EA and Blizzard by hostile takeover.

A skunk was badgered--the results were strong.

I hope that something better comes along.

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You keep posting, and then you blank out those posts two days later. If it's all so bad and painful, why not just disappear and never log on again? I can't help but think you just love all this attention and now you know you can keep at it forever because they'll never ban you on a super lenient board like this.


I'm perfectly willing to ban people who repeatedly demonstrate that they can't behave like a grown-up, and jtr7 has now fallen into that category. What I'm not keen on doing is deleting accounts entirely, since that destroys the history of threads that person participated in (or even started). And frankly, anyone can delete their own threads and simply stop posting, which achieves basically the same thing.

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