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Help required: Original voice actors for the grumbler, critic and commander Ai.

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I haven't seen ocn here for quite while now, unfortunately.


He used to have a website, which I used to contact him when I was making the Transaction, IIRC. That website is no longer online. :(


-The mapper's best friend.

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Just to confirm what was already said: the Commander voice is mine.

Although I am not active on the forum I am still around and have a look at what is new here occasionally.


And if you have any new lines for the Commander in mind for the future I will gladly add them to the others!

Just contact me via PM.


Bye and thank you for your tireless FM-building!


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I'm sorry it went off-topic, but I was never given any reply or link to where I can find Amber. So I don't know what Bikerdude is talking about when he says he's seen a reply.


If I can get back to the topic, if ocn isn't available, I'll just have to find another person who can do a critic voice. And I would recommend you do the same for PD3.

"Let me guess - little blue men with three heads stole your sweetroll?"

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