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Je doute que les expertes parlent français içi. Tu pourrais utiliser Google Translate pour faire traduire ton texte en anglais et l'inclure dans tes messages, à côté du texte original français. Je peux essaier à assister si les autres ne comprennent toujours pas, bien que ça fait longtemps depuis la dernière fois que je devais utiliser mon français.

Pour commencer, je suggèrais que tu essaies à fournir encore plus des détails du problème et de ton ordinateur. T'as peut-être un rapport de crash?

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yes, first try to run the linux binary. (there is also an AUR.)

more info, read:


If you use the linux binary and still get ingame crashes, try to find a darkmod.log file in your tdm folder (or inside the tdm fm folder) and post it contents here. 

or change some settings, so the game generates a log. 

more info read article:


and if you want to run tdm on wine, read the following article to get some pointers:



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Info: My portfolio and darkmod graphical installer
Amnesty for Bikerdude!

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      The final solution for low-end GPUs:
      r_skibSubviews 1 r_skipInteractions 1 r_shadows 0 r_ambientMinLevel 0.6 tdm_lg_interleave  0
      If you don't get 60 fps after this then either your CPU is really slow or it's a map bug
      EDIT. tdm_lg_interleave is probably not required since r_skibSubviews supersedes it.
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      What's the console command to show the player coordinates (for beta testing)? I think it used to be using getviewpos like this but it seems to have been improved since? @AluminumHaste
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      'tis nearly time
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      Yeah ok, let's do this  
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      I should be able to beta test some missions. Built a new 5700G + GTX 970 system.
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