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Corrupt saves in FM under development


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I have an FM under development/beta testing and while playing through it I've ended up with both quick saves causing TDM to crash when they are loaded.

I'm a bit worried it's a problem with my map, or is it?  This is on TDM 2.09.

I'm creating a memory dump file regardless.  I will do an other playthrough later, but can anyone advise what I should do or try next?


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It's not possible to change the files of an FM while you're doing a playthrough of it, some changes will have no effect while others will cause savegames to break.

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Do you mean if you started a game, took a quick save, changed the map, and then tried to load the quick save?

If so, that's not what happened here. I didn't make any changes since i started the game.

I won't worry too much about it, but but if keeps happening I might come back for help 

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If the TDM really crashes on loading (e.g. you see something like "TheDarkModx64.exe is not responding" message), then the easiest thing to do it to look into crash dump.

If you have lengthy scripts in your map, try to disable them and check if problem persists.
I'm afraid ill scripting can do significant damage to game state.

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