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Any way to turn off menu music entirely?

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I find the menu music quite loud and rumbling bassy and would like to be able to disable it completely.

I try to disable here (see screenshot), but I think that probably only disables the piano/music box song theme. I still hear synth keyboard, bell hits, drum hits, ambient music type stuff going on. I'd like to turn it all off.

If it only had quiet wind whistling noises, that'd be fine. It's all the ambient music stuff I don't want.

It's jarring when you're playing a mission and have to go to the menus to adjust something like brightness. The ambient menu sounds loudly kick in

For the longest time, I didn't give it much thought and figured it was just a bug that would get resolved. But now I think I've realized it actually just disables the piano/music box song and it was probably intended to be this way? If so, another toggle field would be great, such as, "Menu Ambience ON/OFF"

Or volume sliders for "Main Menu Music" and "Menu Ambience" so we can choose our own volumes that we like... ranging from 0% to 100%. To be honest, if we had this level of control, I'd probably set both to like 10-15% volume rather than completely off. With their current loudness setting, I definitely want them both off.


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Okay, cool! Thanks for the link. I think this issue is similar/probably related: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5341

Looks like a couple folks are already keeping an eye on things there to help make sure it gets resolved


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1 hour ago, kano said:

Pull down your console (ctrl-alt-`) and issue the command 'tdm_menu_music 0' without the quotes.

This does the same as the setting in the audio setting menu as seen in topic text. It does not disable the ambient music track playing in the background of menu during mission playback.

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I wish main menu music was a non-intrusive ambient and not proper music. Doesn't get old. Something discreet like Thief: Deadly Shadows. The wallpaper animation is not mandatory as there is already a slideshow of concept art in the background of TDM's main menu. Thief: Deadly Shadows has this seamless, endless loop of ambient. It's much more obvious in TDM that the music is on replay:


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I sort of get that, especially since you probably usually only hear the first 20 seconds or so over and over, but personally I really enjoy the menu theme. Fits the mood and is quite appealing in its own right.

Then again, I enjoy extreme repetition in music, if done right. :awesome:

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