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What's this mission?


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I guess knowing that Bikerdude is continuing to use my art without asking or giving credit provides some continuity to the universe....  🙄





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It looks like the original video might be lost or very buried, but here's some details for it.

Posted September 9, 2008
6:43 duration
720x576 resolution
"The Way To Black Heart Manor"

Just kidding, it works on ModDB, the first browser I tried didn't load it.


I downloaded. >100 MB, a bloated re-encode of the ~50 MB original. Same 720x576 res.

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If my ears don't deceive me, the narrator's voice. ;) 

By the way, I don't have a horse in this race, and don't want to hold a discussion about it, but, how do you keep it? Let's say there is a mission planned and multiple parties are involved. The mission is on hold for years, due to people formerly involved in the mission don't work on it anymore, have gone inactive, or else. Someone chooses to pick up on it, and continues to work on it. Will he be free to do what he wants with the mission, granted the people originally onvolved are OK with it? Do you expect to be credited when the mission is done? Do you see your work or art as closed source, unless someone asks for permission to use it?

I always thought, with the mod being open source, and so many openly available contributions to the assets, it would more or less mean that people are also allowed to work and pick up on old, discontinued missions, and don't have to ask for everything. Maybe I'm naive in thinking that.

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Just to clarify Bikerdude did not make the video - it is the same asset as it was abandoned 12 years ago. I know this as he has asked me about attempting to upscale the original video (which I could not do) as he is not in possession of dram’s source project. Here is the asset as it was originally published:

I understand the sensitivity around the issue, but if there is some missing attribution it originates from the original author/work, and was an oversight from 10+ years ago.

Speaking to Bikerdude now that he is aware of it he will endeavor to remove your work @Springheel from the video as soon as he can.

Edit: While it was never specifically confirmed, the asset in the briefing that could be attributed to springheel should be removed  

Edited by Wellingtoncrab
Added BD plan to edit video

-=  IRIS  =-    ♦    = SLL =

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6 minutes ago, Wellingtoncrab said:

Just to clarify Bikerdude did not make the video - it is the same asset as it was abandoned 12 years ago.

That was immediately obvious to me when I saw it. Which was part of the reason I asked the original question, because, it seemed like an old mission to me which he continued to work on.

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