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Hi... I was wondering what we were planning on for fonts. Are fonts going to be specifically created for TDM, or are we going to use free fonts?


If it's the latter, I've just browsed through http://www.1001freefonts.com/ and picked out several fonts that I thought might be useful for TDM. I was mostly looking for handwriting, calligraphy, victorian, art deco and typewriter fonts. Anyway, I figured we could discuss which fonts we tend to like/dislike...


Here are some of the candidates that I thought might work.


I particularly liked the following:





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I like Treasure Map, but am not incredibly fond of Parchment for some reason. I'd like to see Treasure Map added, but could go either way with Parchment. Just my two cents, of course, as the decision is not mine to make...


I see Treasure Map working (aside from the obvious -- Treasure Maps) for headers on outside posters, bulletins and the such.

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Oh my!! That is a TDS font isn't it!??! It does look like the one they used in the menus, I think? LOL!! I totally didn't realize until now. Now it all makes sense :D


Oh yes! That is THE font they used. Check it out in the game files of TDS. Papyrus is written everywhere. It was a horrid choice. I don't know why the TDS team felt the need to change so many parts of Thief. All of these little details added up.

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Avoid TDS like the plague!!! :laugh: I have nightmares about the parchment font.

And goddamn but if I don't see that font EVERYWHERE all of a sudden. Everything from the cover of a new book to commercials for local companies to actual store signs. I don't know if it's just because now I recognize it, or they just licensed the most popular crap they could find for T3.

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All of these little details added up.

I know it! It's just crazy to think about all the poor decisions that were made. You've lived and breathed TDS for years now with your minimalist project due to their mistakes! Not fun. I remember seeing those mission menus, the big font used, AND (now that you remind me) the 'totally NON-Thief' font style chosen and thinking to myself... WTF??

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Strange, they no longer seem to work for me either... I wonder if 1001freefonts could have detected that they were being accessed remotely?


Edit: I've noticed that if you right click on each image, and choose "view image", it'll load the image just fine... I'm really starting to suspect that 1001freefonts has something in place to not send the image if the web-browser says it's for another website. Anybody know of a good way to bypass that?

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