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On the subject of females, are we going to have female guards again? I miss them from the old game, but it would double the amount of media required for guards (textures, meshes, animations, and voices).

I'm cool with getting the voices together. :) Would indeed be nice to have the female guards back.

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Yeah, I brought this up in another thread. I think we should have female guards, at least in the city watch...I doubt it would take oDDity long to whip one up.


To make it easier, I suggest we only make one female guard model. I plan on having at least three types (house guard, city guard, and elite guard). The city guard mesh can be textured in different ways, too, so they can be used in non-city maps. If we make a female mesh for the city guard, with a city and non-city texture, that should be enough.

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